SEO Optimization | A Checklist for the Most Successful SEO

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To make the most out of your web based presence, it is important that your business considers the importance of SEO optimization when creating content. Finding the best keywords to use is an excellent start, but SEO optimization goes much further. Competition to be seen has grown exponentially in recent years. Your business needs to keep up to remain relevant. SEO experts have conducted various tests to learn the best practices to give your site a stronger impact. Following these few and simple rules can ensure your post has the best content, readability and audience reach.

what do I need to know about SEO


The best place to start when revamping your SEO optimization is your keyword choices. These are the words and phrases you consider relevant when your audience is searching for you. When you find the best key words for your business you stand to see the largest return on investment from your efforts. Tailoring these to specific topics your brand deals with will match your page with the best searches, bringing in the audience your business is seeking.  Every post should contain a valuable keyword that is most relevant to the content you are posting. This will ensure all your content is relevant, and you are making the most out of SEO optimization as a tool.

SEO Optimization for Your URL?

What does your web page URL look like? Is it full of unreadable gibberish? Or is it short, sweet and to the point? If you have never considered it before, today is a good day to start. Your URL structure directly affects your Google ranking and your online presence. Lengthy URLs are difficult to share and make users hesitant to click on them. If your audience can’t easily tell where the link will take them, it can seem like a malicious link or spam. Ideally, your URL needs to stay between 35-45 characters, contain a keyword, and remain readable to dominate the searches.

Content Above All

To take full advantage of SEO optimization, the content you are posting needs to engage your audience and establish you as an authority is your industry. Google determines the relevance of your web page based on the content you publish and assesses your authority by the number of trustworthy links pointing to your page. To rank high on Google means your SEO optimization strategy is effectively in line with your content.

Post Title and Meta Title

The title of your post as well as the meta description you choose to play a huge part in your SEO optimization. While your post title will give your readers an initial impression on what they are about to read, your meta description also plays a major role. This wording can be considered a sales copy for your post. By writing a compelling meta description, you are giving enticing and interesting insight into your content. Be sure to include your keywords in your meta description to ensure Google takes notice. When you optimize your meta descriptions, you are ensuring that every post you write has the potential to drive a maximum amount of traffic to your site.


how can SEO Optimization help your business

While Google’s attention is a focus for your web page, writing for SEO optimization does not mean writing for search engines only. Your audience wants to find your web page in hopes of discovering valuable content. Quality content, designed to attract people and search engines alike is the goal. Improving your site’s SEO does not mean that you must rewrite all your website content and start over. Adhering to this short checklist is an excellent start. However, a devoted SEO optimization team can consistently assist you in maintaining your SEO on your web page. Contact Digital Resource today to learn what our team can do to help your SEO!

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