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When setting up your first Google Ads, it would benefit you to learn some of the common terminology associated with them. Whether they are stepping stones in creating your ads or ways to enhance them, the following terms and accompanying meanings from a Chicago Google Ads company are sure to provide you with clarity.

Can a Chicago Google Ads company tell me about my campaigns?

What Should I Know About in AdWords?

Campaign – This is the highest level in the AdWords structure. It consists of more than one ad groups and represents a larger range of products or services.

Ad Group – An ad group is made up of at least two ads and is usually associated with its own set of keywords.

Google Search Network – Websites that feature Google search results, Google Search, Maps, Shopping, and the like are a part of the Google Search Network.

Google Display Network – Websites that partner with Google, such as YouTube and Gmail are part of the Google Display Network.

Location Targeting – When creating your ads, you will have this option of selecting specific geographic locations to feature an ad. This is especially beneficial if you have a regional or smaller company. Meaning, you would not want to take a mass market approach.

Text Ad – Ads that feature only text promotions and descriptions are known as text ads. This is the most common type of ad used on Google.

Display Ad – This is an ad that includes graphics, such as static images or GIFs.

Product Listing Ad – These are also known as PLAs. They are ads that promote a specific product or service that your company offers.

Receive Professional Assistance from a Chicago Google Ads Company

Which Chicago Google Ads company can assist my business?

Since Google AdWords is a complex system that takes time and attention, it is recommended that you get assistance with managing your Google Ads. If you’re new to the world of online marketing, contact Digital Resource. Our digital marketing agency is equipped with the knowledge and dedicated team you need to grow your business.

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