Chicago Link Building Company | Does My Domain Name Affect My SEO?

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Your domain name is your website’s first impression. And while it seems that nearly every move you make online can impact your search engine optimization, the truth is that your actual domain name doesn’t have much of an effect. But, it can have an effect on how people perceive and then choose to interact with your website. This can lead to an increase in online authority – yet another contributor to SEO. So, keep reading to learn how a Chicago link building company can assist you on and off your webpage:

Better Online Reputation

In order to gain true traction online and in real life, your business needs to build and maintain a great reputation. One component of maintaining a strong online reputation is having a website that impresses. That begins with choosing a good domain name. Proper spelling, relevant words, and so forth can show that you are legitimate. This, in turn, tells people that you’re a great source to link to. And, the more your site is linked to, the more online authority you can establish. Of course, your domain name isn’t everything, but it is the first impression of your site, so take it seriously.

What does a Chicago link building company do?

Higher Clickthrough Rates

They say a first impression takes only seven seconds. However, in the world of the web, all it takes is a look at your domain name. For example, people view a .com and a .net differently than a .edu or .org. When someone can peg you as a potentially reputable source right off the bat, they’re more likely to clickthrough to your site. So, when your link is seen on another website, a viewer may choose your page over another.

More Trust

When people trust your website, they are more likely to interact with it. This means they are more likely link back to it. But, don’t stop short. Make sure you are adding valuable content to your website to go along with that great domain name!

Does my business need a Chicago link building company?

Are You Looking for a Chicago Link Building Company?

One part of creating a successful digital marketing strategy is having a reliable site. Through web development – including choosing your domain name – and the use of a Chicago link building company, you can cover your bases and make a great impression. So, contact us at Digital Resource to learn more about our services!

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