Chicago Maps Optimization | Were There Any Google Maps Updates in 2017?

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It’s no secret that Google is constantly rolling out updates. 2016 alone saw over 1,600 unique changes. But how does this all affect your Chicago maps optimization? It’s simple: these Google updates occur throughout all of Google’s products, including Google Maps. Unfortunately, most of the Google Maps updates that possess the ability to shake up your Chicago maps optimization tactics fly under the radar. But don’t worry, we make sure nothing that can affect your Chicago Maps optimization goes unnoticed. Keep reading to learn about 3 unannounced Google Maps updates that have occurred so far in 2017.

3 Unannounced Google Maps Updates of 2017 

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1. Google Maps Removed Permanently Closed Listings from the Local Finder

Just last year there used to be tons of “permanently closed” businesses listed in the Local Finder of Google Maps. They would be at the bottom of the list, below businesses that were open. If you edited your business to be permanently closed, it would drop to the bottom of the list. Now, Google Maps launched an update to remove these closed listings entirely.

This can be problematic for your Chicago maps optimization in two ways. First off, if you are a business that has practitioners, there may be “permanently closed” listings out there for your practitioners that you don’t know about. Secondly, competitors can start spamming you to get marked as “permanently closed” and make your business disappear from Google Maps. As a result, it’s essential to search your business (including all of your practitioners, if applicable) on Google Maps to ensure that it’s still there.

2. A New Platform to Review Edits to Google Maps’ Business Listings on Desktops

While the Google Maps app has granted the ability to review edits for business listings on maps for some time now, it used to be impossible to do that same on a desktop. Luckily, now you can. In March, Google launched a “Check the Facts” feature for desktops that enables you to allow or deny each other’s edits to business listings. Seeing that the information within your listing plays a huge role in the rankings of your Google Maps listing, this update can have a huge impact on your Chicago maps optimization as well.

3. Google My Business Insights Now Grants Access to More Data

Thanks to this update, the days of only seeing insights on for one-week, one-month, or one-quarter intervals is over. Now, Google My Business allows you to select a custom date range for Google Maps data. This is a big deal since you can compare data year over year instead of month over month, which gives your business a much more accurate picture of what you need to improve in regards to your Chicago maps optimization.

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Don’t Let Updates to Google Maps Affect Your Chicago Maps Optimization  

Updates to Google Maps that can have an impact on your Chicago maps optimization happen all the time. Luckily, there is a way to never miss an update. How? By allowing us to stay on top on your Chicago maps optimization for you! Teaming up with Digital Resource enables your business to get to the top of Google Maps in no time. Start reaping the benefits of effective Chicago maps optimization by contacting our internet marketing company today!

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