Chicago SEO | The ABC’s of Search Engine Optimization

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If you want to succeed in today’s constantly growing digital world, you need to start incorporating Chicago SEO into your internet marketing strategy. But, Chicago SEO is often complicated and confusing, with countless factors going into it. Luckily, we are here to make sure you learn everything that you need to know about this effective internet marketing tactic. Keep reading to learn the ABC’s of Chicago SEO!

Everything You Need to Know About Chicago SEO from A to Z

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A Is for Algorithm

All search engines use complex algorithms to determine the rankings of websites. With a staggering 200 ranking factors, Google utilizes the most algorithms than any other search engine.

B Is for Backlinks

One of the top ranking factors is backlinks. Backlinks are links pointing to your website from other web pages. The higher the quality and quantity of backlinks your site possess, the higher your search engine.

C Is for Content

When it comes to Chicago SEO, content is king. Content is all of the words, images, videos, etc. on your website that could provide value to browsers. But that’s not all content does. It also plays an essential role in your search engine rankings.

D Is for Duplicate Content

Duplicate content refers to any content that is not original and can be found on other web pages. Regardless of if this content is copied from another web page on your website or an entirely different website, you will be penalized by search engines.

E Is for External Links 

External links are links on your web page that lead to an entirely different website. External links can help your Chicago SEO, especially when they are from high authority websites or blogs.

F Is for Fresh Content

While search engines hate duplicate content, they love new, interesting, and relevant content. Placing fresh content at least once a month is a great way to help improve your search engine rankings.

G Is for Google 

While there are numerous different search engines, none hold a candle to Google. With more than 3 billion searches every day, it is essential to have your Chicago SEO catered to Google.

H Is for Headings 

Heading are used to briefly describe and introduce topics within your content. These headings help boost SEO, especially with they include keywords and keyword phrases.

I Is for Internal Links

Internal links are links from one page to another page on your same website. Along with backlinks and external links, internal links are another essential part of link building and Chicago SEO.

J Is for JavaScript 

JavaScript is a scripting language that adds various dynamic features to your website when embedded in your HTML. While it used to be important to avoid JavaScript at all costs to avoid search engine penalization, now you don’t need to shy away from it if you feel it’s necessary for your website.

K Is for Keywords 

Keywords are the words or phrases web browsers type into search engines. Your goal with Chicago SEO is to get on the first page of Google anytime a user types in a keyword that’s relevant to your specific products or services.

L Is for Link Building

Link building is the process of creating incoming links to your website. Link building helps increase both its search ranking and its authority.

M Is for Meta Description 

A meta description is a brief description of the content on your page. Meta descriptions should be unique, relevant, and filled with your keywords.

N Is for NAP Consistency 

NAP refers to your business’s name, address, and phone number. Make sure that you have your NAP listed on all local directories and that they are accurate and consistent in order to guarantee good rankings on map search results.

O Is for Organic Search Results 

Organic search results are unpaid search results that are organized by the effectiveness of your Chicago SEO efforts and not by the price paid.

P Is for Penalties

Penalties are punishments for websites that search engine algorithms have marked as spam. These penalties then prevent the sites from high rankings.

Q Is for Quality

When it comes to Chicago SEO, it’s imperative to remember that quality is always more important for quality for links, content, and everything in between.

R Is for Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are enhanced search results that are created by adding microdata to your web page. These rich snippets then help your web page stand out in SERPs and can drastically increase the number of browsers that click on your search result.

S Is for Social Media 

Social media, specifically creating pages and posting on a wide array of social media platforms, is a crucial part of Chicago SEO and getting your content in front of your audience and followers.

T Is for Trust

Trust plays a vital role in your Chicago SEO. The more trustworthy your website seems and your links come from, the greater your search engine results. Not to mention, trust also increases the chances that the traffic you get from your rankings will turn into customers.

U Is for URLs

URLs are the web addresses that are unique for every website. They are typically made out of letters, numbers, dots, lines, etc. You can get the most out of your URLs by included keywords or keyword phrases.

V Is for Video 

Videos present a great opportunity to further boost your Chicago SEO. As a result, you should always optimize all aspects of your videos.

W Is for WordPress

WordPress is an easy-to-use open source blogging platform. It has thousands of customizable themes and platforms that help make it great for Chicago SEO.

X Is for XML Sitemaps

XML sitemaps are a Chicago SEO best practice that helps search engines crawl your website. Furthermore, it also provides information on when pages get updated as well as how important they are.

Y Is for Yoast

Yoast is an incredibly popular and useful WordPress plug-in for Chicago SEO. Yoast allows you to easily setup page titles, meta descriptions, XML sitemaps, and so much more.

Z Is for Zoom to the Top

If you want to zoom to the top of search results, there is no way that’s more effective than Chicago SEO.

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Want to Learn More About Chicago SEO?  

Chicago SEO might not be as easy as learning your ABCs, but it’s definitely worth it. With an effective Chicago SEO strategy, your business will be able to climb to the top of search results and the next level of success. So what are you waiting for?! Contact our SEO experts at Digital Resource today!

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