Chicago Social Media Marketing | What Should My Business Post?

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When it comes to your Chicago social media marketing strategy, there is a lot to consider. Most of it can be boiled down to a science. But other aspects, like social media posts, involve ingenuity and imagination. What exactly should your business post on social media? Keep reading to find out!

5 Great Post Ideas for Businesses

1. Go Behind the Scenes

Maybe you give a peek of your business’ back-of-house that’s usually reserved for “Employees Only”.  You could share the progress of a current project or the making of a product.

People are curious. By showing your business behind the scenes, you capture the attention of your customers. Additionally, you make them feel special by allowing them to see something that’s not often shared.

2. Highlight a Product or a Service

It is not enough to blast your advertisements to your followers all the time and expect them to stick around.  Whether a physical product or some sort of professional service, find a way to show off your products in an aesthetically pleasing way. Find a comfortable balance between sharing and selling in your Chicago social media marketing. Experiment with showcasing what you offer in a way that fits naturally within the parameters of each platform, but also without feeling like a sales pitch.

What can I post for Chicago social media marketing?

3. Create a Call-to-Action (CTA)

A great way to engage your audience is by instructing them to provide you with a direct response. Try asking a question with your photo to spur comments. Better yet, inform them about your newsletter or most recent blog post and request that they visit a link in your post. Give your customers some instruction along with your posts to create more engagement and generate leads.

4. Showcase Company Culture

If you have a business with multiple employees operating under a company name, being seen as “human” on social media can be challenging. However, with the right content strategy, it’s not at all impossible. People like working with or buying from others that are not just a company name, but rather relatable and down to earth.

Both large and small businesses can use Chicago social media marketing to this end. In your posts, try showcasing talented employees, sharing how you give back to the community, or highlighting causes your business supports. Opening up and sharing the ideas behind your brand builds trust and shows authenticity.  In turn, it might actually end up being why customers choose to do business with you instead of competitors.

5. Utilize User Generated Content

If you can get your audience to engage in your CTAs, then you can use the photos that they create (with their permission) on your own social media pages. You can do this by tracking your hashtags and other post engagement in order to gather up photos by your followers. This type of content saves you the time of making your own posts while also making your audience feel special.

What types of posts can I use for Chicago social media marketing?

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