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Social media accounts for business purposes can provide a variety of benefits for companies in almost every field.  However, there are some common social media mistakes that need to be avoided to ensure your page is helping, rather than hurting, your business.

do not make these common social media mistakes!



As a user of social networking sites, what qualities do you enjoy about the accounts you follow?  Most likely your favorite pages either entertain or provide insightful information.  A social media page for business needs to engage the audience on a regular basis to maintain followers and grow.  If a company page is inactive this can be a red flag to potential customers.  Many businesses do not realize how often people will check out their social pages before making a purchase.  This behavior is common to understand more about the product or service before they visit the store or call.  An empty page conveys a message that the company is not actively interacting with their customers.  In some cases, an inactive page can cause a potential customer to think that the company is no longer in business.


Too Many Advertisements


Social media mistakes discourage regular customers from liking or following a company page.  Every business needs to advertise and social media is a great tool to promote a business, but this should be done in moderation.  The internet is becoming crowded with advertising on social platforms.  Your social presence should reflect the brand image.  Try to only post promotional advertisements when the company is offering something special.  Regular patrons will appreciate discounts and special offers through social media, but less loyal customers will quickly unfollow if they are being spammed with Ads.

what are common social media mistakes?

Customer Service Tips


Your social media account is an extension of your physical store or office location.  Customers are increasingly using social pages to report issues and request additional service.  Checking pages daily, or even every few hours, is a necessity for companies who strive to provide excellent service.  When interacting with a customer who is upset on social media try to move the conversation to the private messaging section.  This will allow the discussion to be more personal while also removing potential negativity from the public portion of the page.  If the problem is serious, request the phone number and email of the customer.


Bland Content


A good company social page will post at least once a day.  Posts this frequent can sometimes cause the marketer to share bland information.  Rather than sharing promotional content daily, mix it up with content related to holidays, local events, trending topics, etc.  At most the company page should share only two promotional messages a week.

Avoiding Social Media Mistakes


Succeeding with social media marketing requires a dedicated strategy.  Customer service on the social platform becomes increasingly more important as the following grows over time.  Balancing interesting content with effective promotional messages will help a company increase sales without losing ground on social sites.  Avoid common social media mistakes by outsourcing your pages to expert internet marketers.  Digital Resource specializes in handling social media accounts on behalf of their clients in various industries.  If your business needs help growing its social media presence, contact us today to discuss further!

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