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With so many different social media outlets today, it’s hard to continually create content that is both engaging and purposeful. We’ve already discussed the ways that visuals, colors, and urgency are key in driving your social media engagement. But as for content creation, here are some helpful ways that you can get your clients and audience involved and responsive!


Content Creation | 3 Ways

Create content by getting your audience to submit their own photos!

  1. User Generated Content Creation: Let Your Clients Market for You

One of the most powerful tools in marketing is a satisfied customer. A customer that believes in a product or service just as much as your company does, can help you reach your target audience. Your company or business can create a competition through social media, in which your followers can create content or submit photos. In turn, the content that they upload can be used by your business to create advertisements and campaigns. As well, having them share their video or picture is great advertisement as well.

More often than not, combining involvement and offering rewards to your clients for their submissions generates the best custom content and can attract more users to your site, or page.

This emerging trend to deviate from the norm and produce custom content- that is new, personal and not your typical advertisement- is growing rapidly among companies. According to a recent study only 14% of US consumers trust ads that are created by brands. Comparatively, 48% of users will take the words, pictures and videos as trustworthy, if they are being campaigned by other consumers. Focusing on the diversity of your clientele, and letting their experiences be a part of your company- user generated content is the new and preferred way to showcase what your company has to offer.

Using a hashtag can help other find and create content for you!

  1. Adopting the “#Hashtag” to your Content Creation

The hashtag is relatively new in comparison to how long social media has been around. As trends come and go, it’s hard to tell which ones will stick. But quickly after the hashtag started making its rounds on different platforms, everyone quickly adopted it. An analysis of the world’s top 100 brands were administered on each company’s social media outlets. Each company was found to have adopted the use of hashtags almost completely.

What these companies shared in common was that by using specific hashtags for different campaigns or moments, you encourage engagement. People were more actively sharing their reactions and opinions, as well as others chiming in with what they had to say. Not only are they great ways to drive brand engagement, but by clicking on the hashtags you are brought to a page with other posts and photos that have been shared using the same hashtag or similar topics. By creating a specific hashtag to your posts on social media, you create a universal way to create dialogue between your company and your client base.

Using viral videos as part of you content creation can generate more buzz!

  1. GIFs and Viral Content Creation- Creating Buzz

We hear about the newest viral video or hilarious GIF almost daily. To make your content more appealing and “viral” worthy, there are five key factors to keep in mind before pushing the post button.

  1. Emotions: whether it’s awe, excitement or amusement- something “share worthy” is to brighten or lighten someone’s day.
  2. Practicality: a call to action that follows a post is a definite. People are more eager to share something that his helpful for themselves and others. Popular posts like these are “How-To” pieces and posts.
  3. Comprehension: keep it simple when it comes to posts. If your content has too many complex words, or is too long- followers tend to skim through or skip those posts all together.
  4. Visuals: include pictures or diagrams in your posts. Adding a photo or GIF to your post can boost shares by 35% on twitter, and over 87% on Facebook.
  5. Time: what kind of content you post is just as important as what time you post, Monday and Tuesday are high traffic days for content sharing. For blogs it is recommended that you post around 11 a.m. Eastern Time, and email marketing is best to be sent between 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.


Lastly, when in doubt turn to your customers and follow the trends. Creating content doesn’t have to be difficult and there’s never been a better time to start putting those creative ideas to good use! Our internet marketing agency in West Palm Beach can help you get started. We can answer all of your internet marketing questions and help your business grow its online presence today. Call our office at (561) 429-2585 or connect with us online today!



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