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Video marketing with a content marketing company is a great way to differentiate your business nowadays. However, your subscriber count isn’t the most important number. There are more telling numbers that can teach you how to tailor your content. Keep reading to learn more:

Watch Time

Your overall watch time is pretty important. That’s because it can determine if you can become a partner with YouTube and start running ads over your videos. For those looking to draw some sort of revenue from YouTube videos, this is very important. You can also compare and contrast videos. Which got longer views than others?

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Playback Location

Your content marketing should include sharing videos on other social media platforms. And, you can see which platforms people are watching your video on. So, this can include LinkedIn, Google+, and so forth. Unfortunately, Facebook views do not count as YouTube views.

Traffic Sources

Are people looking for your videos? Are they coming up in the suggested videos section? You’ll want to know how people are finding your videos on YouTube. You’ll find this under traffic sources.


You need to know who you’re talking to when you create videos. Demographics can tell you gender, age, and location. You can then determine what these types of people are wanting to see. From there, you can curate content that will directly address and pique the viewer’s interest.

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Audience Retention

You can pay attention to view but that isn’t very telling. If someone watches your video for approximately 30 seconds, it can count as a view. But, that doesn’t account for the how much they watched past that. Audience retention shows how long they watched your video and where viewers drop off. You can use this to tailor the length and format.

Are You in Need of An Effective Content Marketing Company?

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