Content Marketing in Boston | 3 Content Marketing Trends for 2018

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Content marketing isn’t just a fad. It is an ever-changing element of your business’ marketing strategy. 89% of business-to-business marketers and 86% of business-to-customer marketers state that they use content marketing to drive their brand and increase leads. With a new year comes new marketing trends. Check out these trends for content marketing in Boston to make 2018 a success for your business.

Trend #1: Video Content

Video will continue to be huge in 2018. If your business did not jump on the video bandwagon in 2017, now is the time. This doesn’t have to be costly. Utilize the tools you already have such as a smartphone and Facebook Live. Focus on creating educational video content to engage with viewers.

Where can I find the best content marketing in Boston?

Trend #2: Educational Content

Consumers don’t want to hear more about your brand. Another major 2018 content marketing trend is interesting and engaging content that people want to interact with. Major brands such as Pepsi and Apple have already committed to this concept. Even if you don’t have the budget like these brands, start by leveraging tools to create professional-looking and polished content to engage with your target market.

Trend #3: Mobile Ready Content

In 2018, smartphone users worldwide are projected to reach about 2.53 billion. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram note that nearly 80% of their users are accessing their accounts via their phones. As consumers switch from using their desktops to using their mobile devices, so should your content. Making sure your business’ content is ready for mobile is essential to staying relevant in 2018.

Where can I find the best content marketing in Boston?

Finding Great Content Marketing in Boston

Switching up your content marketing strategy does not have to be costly or complicated. Contact the experts at Digital Resource for your free internet marketing analysis to evaluate your content marketing strategy. Our digital marketing experts can assist you in growing your business and keeping up with the 2018 trends for content marketing in Boston.

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