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Stock photos can be a big help when you’re blogging regularly, running social media, or building a website for content marketing in Hypoluxo. But, they’re not always the most brand-friendly. Luckily, you can change an image to fit your style. So, when you don’t opt for original photos, here’s how you can make stock photos look like your own:

Pick a Color Scheme

You can make your brand distinct by defining your online image – literally. A theme of color scheme present in all of your photos can keep your feed consistent and visually appealing.

Is branding important in content marketing in Hypoluxo?

Stick to Your Fonts

Before you even post a graphic or an image, you need to know your brand. You might have go-to fonts or fonts featured in your logo. Stick to whichever fonts they may be when posting stock images. Whether you’re sharing a quote or a promotion, your font of choice can be easily identifiable.

Crop the Shot

The crop of a shot can define the focal point. But, say you want to emphasize part of an image. You can do that to work to your advantage! Zoom into a small device or to a face to change the feel and objective of the image.

Why does my business need content marketing in Hypoluxo?

Use Your Logo

The final step when going to post a stock photo should be adding your watermark. This is a definite symbol of your brand and we’ll be a subtle piece to differentiate your content from other content. Be sure to place your logo with no background over the photo, sizing it to fit in a discreet area. The corners of a photo tend to be best.

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Emily is a graduate from Florida Atlantic University where she studied English and communication. With a background in journalism, she is passionate about writing engaging and informative articles, and has a love for local businesses. Emily strives to assist businesses in building their brand identities and communities through quality, digital content.

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