Content Marketing in Jacksonville | How to Optimize Your Facebook Videos

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Videos the hottest thing to hit content marketing in Jacksonville in a while. Visual content is absolutely necessary to engage with online audiences nowadays. And, having a strategy for content marketing in Jacksonville that is specific to video is a must. So, how can make sure that your videos are optimized to get the most views and best engagements on Facebook? Include these three elements:

Square Format

You want your content to take the most real estate on a viewer’s Facebook feed. Facebook’s layout is most conducive to square videos. That means having an approximately 1080 pixels by 1080 pixels video maximum. Yes, you will have to consider this ahead of time, during filming, but it is absolutely worth the extra thought.

how can i optimize video for content marketing in jacksonville

Closed Captions

When do you find yourself scrolling through Facebook? When you’re not in the position to put your volume all the way up. That’s why closed captions are essential to Facebook videos nowadays. You can use Facebook’s generator right after posting, but you will need to pay extra close attention to spelling and grammar. This is because the program is new, so voice detection isn’t too strong. You can also upload an .srt file or opt to create your own captions on the video before exporting.

Engaging Caption

You shouldn’t simply post a standalone video. A caption can give just enough context to entice the reader to click on the video and engage, instead of sitting by and skimming though auto-play. Social media can also better your Search Engine Optimization, so tossing in a keyword or phrase couldn’t hurt!

how can i get more engagements with content marketing in jacksonville

Are You Ready to Take Your Content Marketing in Jacksonville to the Next Level?

Your business needs to be putting out amazing content and sharing it the right way! That all revolves around content marketing in Jacksonville. So, if you’re ready to share your brand’s message with as many people as possible, contact Digital Resource to discuss your internet marketing options.

Emily is a graduate from Florida Atlantic University where she studied English and communication. With a background in journalism, she is passionate about writing engaging and informative articles, and has a love for local businesses. Emily strives to assist businesses in building their brand identities and communities through quality, digital content.

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