Content Marketing in Lake Worth | How to Write an SEO Title

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The format of a blog is so important for how it’ll rank. This is because search engines look for user-friendly formats to ensure a blog deserves a better ranking. So, what do you start each blog with? A title! Yes, even your title’s format can play a role in how it’s ranked and read. Here’s how you can make sure to get the most out of your content marketing in Lake Worth starting with a title:

Keyword and Phrase

Your keyword or keyword phrase is the basis for your blog. So, you want it to be at the very beginning of your title. This’ll tell potential readers what they can expect to learn about in a more general sense. This will also make search engine crawlers happy and potentially rank your post higher. The second half of your title will be your specific topic.

How can content marketing in Lake Worth improve SEO?


Put yourself in the mind of someone searching for something online. What are they looking for? And, what are they typing in? People tend to type in simple phrases or even questions. So, if you create content that is tailored to how people search online, chances are more people are going to read it. So, ask a question that your blog answers. Or, make a short and sweet statement that is relevant to your content.

Proper Length

Finding the right length for your title is sometimes easier said than done. You want to sum up the information your blog offers in about 60 characters or less – including your keyword. So, keep your thought – and your title – simple. It may not even be a complete sentence. But, if it’s searchable, chances are it will do better over time.

Is blogging a part of content marketing in Lake Worth?

Are You in Need of Content Marketing in Lake Worth?

Every element of your internet marketing strategy plays an important role. From an SEO title to your paid advertisement, you need the best working for your business. So, request a free internet marketing analysis today to learn more about the future of your online business!

Emily is a graduate from Florida Atlantic University where she studied English and communication. With a background in journalism, she is passionate about writing engaging and informative articles, and has a love for local businesses. Emily strives to assist businesses in building their brand identities and communities through quality, digital content.

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