Content Marketing vs Traditional Advertising | Which is Better?

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The world of marketing is ever changing and evolving based on the needs of its users. As companies seek to expand their reach online, new tactics are being created to increase business exposure every day. In the world of content marketing, businesses aim to create and share material that isn’t solely intended to promote their brand. Instead, this new type of marketing relies on stimulating interest in its products and services through valuable and consistent content. Meanwhile, traditional advertising methods are becoming less effective every day. Let’s look at why content marketing is quickly becoming the new must-have marketing tactic for businesses!

The Downsides to Traditional Advertising

should my business use content marketing or traditional marketing

Conventionally, businesses would use traditional advertising to convince prospects that they have a product or a service that is worth buying. Traditional advertising is what most people think of when creating awareness of a business in the mind’s eye of a consumer. Print ads, radio commercials, television ads and direct mail ads all flooded users daily, with varying degrees of success. However, nowadays this has all changed, and this type of advertising is one of the worst ways to market your business. This is largely due to the uncertainty of audience reach along with the fact that these ads are typically extremely costly. Every year, marketers see more and more drawbacks to this traditional method.


The Transition to Content Marketing

is content marketing or traditional advertising better

The main benefit when using content marketing is its capability to reach a specific audience. Traditional television advertising methods only allow information to be broadcast to the masses, hopefully reaching their target audiences. However, this approach rarely shows a valuable return on investment. Luckily, instead of flooding people with uninteresting and uninformative content, businesses have realized that creating intriguing content people want to see yields better results. In the early days of content marketing, simply posting content was enough to engage prospects. However, with content marketing being used by more and more businesses, it is more important than ever to provide in-depth information. Giving valuable information to your audience establishes your business as a leader in your field, fosters brand loyalty, and continues to benefit your online presence.

If your business is considering a shift from traditional advertising to content marketing, you are on track to having a great online presence. However, it is important to note, that it’s important not just to do content marketing, but to do it right. Spend time figuring out what your audience wants. You need to collect insight from comments and questions and use those insights to create high-quality content. It may seem like a daunting process, but do not worry! Having a dedicated team is the best asset to your business when creating a marketing strategy. Contact Digital Resource today for a free marketing analysis and see how we can benefit your business!

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