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While writing content for your new website may seem straightforward, there are many components to optimized writing that you need to take if you want your content to work towards the betterment of your website in different ways. Here we will go over the specific steps you should be taking to get the most out of your writing, so that your writing will work for you, and not be a static feature on your pages.

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Get other sites to link to yours.

While adding hyperlinks to trustworthy information in your writing seems like a given, it is actually the backlinks to your page from other websites that will get you the best results. The amount and quality of your backlinks will tell search sites like Google how trustworthy your information is and the notoriety of your website. If many popular webpages link to your website, this will help you get lots of attention form new visitors and even increase your rankings in search results.

Increasing your search results and the trustworthiness of your information is vital to getting yourself noticed online and breaking through the thousands of similar sites to yours. Increasing your rankings will even provide a sense of perceived value, where visitors will place more trust in your brand simply because it ranks highly on Google and contains many backlinks. Creating this value takes time but will make the difference between success and failure for your online enterprise.



Say exactly what you need to.

Perhaps one of the most elemental and important aspects of any good writing for webpages is the finely tuned use of keywords. These can be easy to overlook or use incorrectly, so in this section, we will go over how you can use them to your advantage in garnering more visibility and attention using these simple features. Keywords should reflect the most likely terms for people to search when looking up your product or something similar to it.

For example, a good keyword would be ‘organic cat food’ because simply using ‘cat food’ would not be specific enough, and would draw too many results form unrelated pages. Using keywords to narrow the focus of searches will help your content come out on top compared to a more generalized copy. This means it is also important to rotate their use so that they do not become stale or overused. A keyword that is used too often can have a negative effect on your SEO for any given page.

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Structure can go a long way.

Formatting can be a tricky thing to master because there are many different platforms for designing webpages, and many have different ways of displaying copy. Ideally, you want your copy to be easy to digest. Short paragraphs are best because they can be read quickly and will not tire out the reader’s attention like a block of text can. Keeping the attention of the reader is key to any section of copy, because the more a user reads, the better the information will come across and be remembered. In addition to short paragraphs, it will be useful not to include any large words or heavily technical information, as this can be taxing to read and cause many to lose interest in the writing.

Businesses that rely on this technical language should try their best to simplify concepts and make their information easier to read in layman’s terms. Another great way to keep the attention of readers is to use images and graphs in between sections of copy. This will keep the eyes focused and help keep the readers’ attention. Ideally, you want to order your sections so that they are not overwhelming to someone not looking to read intensely. Keeping your writing short and to the pint will help you keep up interaction and keep people engaged with the mechanics of your website.



Spread your media across the web.

In conjunction with social media services, your writing should be conducive to various social media platforms, giving your writing more effective over the Internet in different sites. It may be useful to modify the copy on your website and shorten it so that it will be more compatible with the short character limits on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

This means that your writing should be short and to the pint so that it can be easily translated. One of the keystones for any SEO campaign or effort to drive more leads will involve social media advertising to keep up the modern age. Making your content easy to share online will save you time and money, as your copy will be easy to translate, so you’re not rewriting copy for each platform. Social media is crucial to getting more visitors on different platforms and helping to create a perceived sense of value.


Landing Pages

The first page can be the most important.

When someone searches your product or business and clicks on a link to it, they will be directed towards a landing page. Landing pages are very important to how your site is seen and trusted by first-time visitors. Copy here should follow the rule that it should be as minimal as possible. Ideally, you only want the most important information present on the landing page so that potential customers are not scared off with too much information on the first linked page.

The first page should be aesthetically pleasing and entertaining in order to capture the attention of the visitor and help them to establish trust. Landing pages can contain copy used on other parts of your site without being flagged for duplicate content, which will help you produce more diversified landing pages, which will be more effective at gaining attention.

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Content Writing Service


There are many factors to consider when writing new copy for any website. Taking the time to hone these skills mentioned above will help you to produce measurable results in your writing so that you can get more attention online and get more visitors to your page. Optimizing your content can go a long way in producing a more effective and aesthetically pleasing storefront for your business. Call us today if you have any questions about our copywriting services.

Tyler was born in Ocala, Florida, and raised in Miami. Tyler has earned a bachelors degree in English from Florida State University, and is an Internet Marketing Specialist for Digital Resource. As an experienced musician and writer, Tyler has a wide range of abilities to bring to the table in the most professional way possible.

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