Corporate video marketing | 3 Challenges for Great Video Content

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Video marketing can be one of the most challenging yet effective forms of online marketing. Here are 3 challenges faced by companies trying to develop a video marketing campaign.

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Entertaining Narrative

Tell a story customers want to watch.

For many marketing teams, creative narrative and entertaining stories can be difficult to come up with. Taking your time to develop a captivating video will yield the best results when expanding your customer base. Another issue holding corporate video marketing back is a lack of compelling content. As more companies flood the Web with video campaigns, it will be harder for individual brands to break through the noise. This means marketing content will begin to look more like the streaming content that viewers look for on YouTube and other channels.


Making a Strategy

Make our content part of a plan.

Turning your video marketing campaign into a coherent strategy can be difficult to implement. Ideally, you want the next step to be influenced by metrics and data o support it. Determining which metrics to use is a critical part of video marketing success. Just like a lack of strategy will give you no roadmap for your campaigns, a lack of metrics will give you no indication of whether your ideas are working.



Let your videos attract potential customers.

Making sure that your videos contribute to your overall SEO work can be difficult over many different media platforms. Always make sure that your videos are accompanied by the proper hashtags and keywords that will help them rank in Google searches and be found by potential customers. This will help your videos show up in targeted ads on social media and across other web pages.

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