Customer Retention | How to Keep Customers using Social Media

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Customer retention is essential for any business. Loyal customers are great assets. Not only do they keep coming back for more, they also help spread the word about your business. But sometimes, customer retention can be a difficult task. That’s where social media comes in.

It’s common knowledge that social media is great at attracting new customers.  Few businesses realize, however, the power social media has over customer retention. Here are 6 ways to keep customers using social media.

how to get customer retention with social media


  1. Build Emotional Connections

People respond positively when you make them feel connected, appreciated, and valued. This is especially true on social media. Don’t just see customers as followers on a page. Approach your interactions with them with compassion and understanding. For customer retention, emotional connections to your business is just as important as your product. Social media is the perfect tool to build and maintain these connections.

  1. Keep in Touch

In order to retain customers, it’s essential to follow and interact with current and former customers. There are 2 ways that interactions take place: customers reaching out to you and you reaching out to customers. Social media is the best way to keep in touch with customers. Retweeting, commenting, liking, sharing, etc. are all great ways to stay in touch. It’s time consuming, but worth it.

  1. Be Present

Customers notice when they are ignored – and not in a good way. You must respond in a timely manner if you want to keep customers. Never go more than a few days without responding to a customer request. The ideal response time is a few hours. Sometimes you might not have time for a detailed response immediately. When this occurs, let them know you received their message and give a time frame for a reply. No matter what, do NOT send generic sounding messages. Make the responses personal. Include the customer’s name and be careful to respond to their specific request.

  1. Ask for Feedback

An easy way to retain customers is to ask for feedback. People are busy. They often forget to write a review following a happy experience. A reminder to go back and write a review is usually the only type of nudge they need. Don’t be shy about it. While positive reviews help, negative reviews are often even more useful. You can grow and improve your business by hearing about people’s bad experiences. Make providing feedback easy. Remind customers on all social media pages.

  1. Respond to Reviews

Asking for reviews is only half of the job for customer retention. You also have to respond to them. Express gratitude for positive mentions. For negative reviews, respond respectively and supportively. Put thought into your response. Try to offer the customer a solution or a free promotion. When unhappy customers get helped, they will generally have an increased sense of loyalty. Not to mention, those who see your thoughtful responses will be much more willing to take a chance on your business.

  1. Make Them Feel Special

Keep customers coming back for more by making them feel special. Reward followers with special promotions.  Like, comment, and share their posts. Cheer them on with simple messages. Thank them when they return the favor.customer retention social media ask for feedback

At the end of the day, there is no magic trick to retaining customers. Good business is good business. However, using social media can definitely help. Do you have any questions about customer retention or social media? Contact us! We are a social media marketing agency in South Florida that can help your business reach new heights! Call 561-429-2585 or connect with us online today!

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