Delray Beach SEO | Can You Rank for Emojis on Google?

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Emojis have been a popular method of communication for many years now and since the implementation of social media, their use has skyrocketed! With the high amount of information overload, businesses are struggling to remain relevant and communicate their messages in fewer words. Enter emojis. They allow businesses to communicate more powerfully because pictures can relay feelings better than words. As Google recognizes more emojis in search results, it is important to think about the use of emojis and the impact this could have on business SEO rankings. Keep reading to learn how you can be ahead of the competition by implementing emojis into your Delray Beach SEO strategy.

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Does Google Recognize Emoji Searches?

In May 2016, Google announced its new feature of being able to use their search engines in combination with emojis. For instance, you could search for [🌴] and you would see search results that contain that emoji character. As of now, Google is the only search engine that can do this. Other search engines such as Bing would only show you text results and not results containing the emoji character. Searching an emoji and a city name together like pizza and Delray Beach on Google would show you pizza places in the area that have used the pizza emoji.

Are People Using Emojis to Search for a Business?

Yes! As of now, emoji SEO is in its infancy but it is important to stay ahead of the game. In 2017, 92% of online consumers used emoji symbols every day. Many Millennials and Generation Zers feel more comfortable expressing themselves through emojis over typing out their thoughts. The use of emojis in communication efforts is slowly translating to how people will use search engines. There has been a similar evolution between the English language and ranking for slang terms; emojis will be no different.

How to Use Emoji’s in Local SEO

Since the click through rate of web pages have a high correlation with ranking on Google and emojis have a high CTR your pages will only gain popularity if you adopt emoji usage into your SEO strategy. To use emojis for SEO they can be sprinkled throughout page titles, meta descriptions, AdWords Ads, and business listings. It is important to not clutter your website with emojis. You’ll want to use relevant emojis to rank your business correctly. Your business may even be ranking right now through the use of emojis on your social media channels. Right now, it is better to be placing keywords into your website stuffing and on social media because of the lack of emoji searches. Remember, emoji searches may not be popular now but they will be in the next few years!

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What’s Next for Delray Beach SEO?

It would be wise to begin implementing emojis into your Delray Beach SEO strategy even though emoji-searches are a relatively new trend. Emojis are gaining more importance every day as a method of communication. It is only a matter of time that businesses will begin to be ranked frequently for emoji based searches. Hire the best SEO team to begin increasing your Google rankings. Call Digital Resource today to learn more about how we can assist your business in all its SEO efforts!

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