Dental Practice Social Media Pages | Are They Optimized?

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Social media is a great way to stay connected with current patients and connect with new ones. And while having a presence on social media is a great idea for your dental practice, you may be overlooking some basic tactics that can be used to boost your SEO. It is crucial to optimize all your social media pages in order to have a better chance of being found online. So how do you make sure all your dental practice social media pages are optimized? Keep reading to find out the best tactics across each platform!

Dental Practice Social Media Pages


First, make sure EVERY section that is possible to fill out is filled out…and correctly! While this is true for all social media platforms, Facebook has more sections than the others. Choose the proper category for your dental practice, such as local business and after that you have the opportunity to narrow in on the industry. Make sure the name of your actual page is the name of your practice and that you use keywords in the short description of your page. The short description acts as the meta description tag for the page and can only be up to 140 characters, so choose your words wisely.  A section many practices overlook is the “impressum” for the page. This section can be used to tell users this is the official Facebook page of your dental practice. Remember that not only does this contribute to SEO, but most people go to a Facebook page for information such as hours, number, or location so it is critical for this information to be correct.

how to optimize dental practice social media pages

Next, focus on choosing a profile picture and cover photo that represent your dental practice. A profile picture of the doctor or your logo works best, while a staff picture may work better for a cover photo. Since URLs are so valuable to search engines, create a custom URL that will contribute to boosting your SEO and is easy to remember. Post daily using keywords and images and there you go – your Facebook page is officially optimized!


Optimizing your Twitter profile is more simple than your Facebook page. The title of your page cannot be longer than 20 characters and your Twitter handle cannot be longer than 15 characters. If the name of your dental practice is too long, consider using abbreviations or something that is shortened but very similar to the name of your practice. Be sure to add a short bio, the city you are located in, and a link to your website. There is an option to add a birthday, but for a dental practice this isn’t necessary to have. The last thing you can do to customize your page is choosing a theme color, such as one that matches your logo. This will bring the whole page together and looking its best! 


Start by adding a profile picture, like the logo of your dental practice or the profile picture from your other dental practice social media pages. Whatever you do, do not leave it as the automated Pinterest image, as this looses the credibility or realness of your page. In the about section tell users about your dental practice or the type of dentistry you specialize in, just a quick overview. And of course, add the location of your office. That covers the basics of your profile. Now it’s time to move onto your boards and pins. Name each board using keywords based on your location and what you are going to dedicate that board to. For example, create a board dedicated to oral health tips and another to dental implants. While adding pins to these boards, don’t forget to write a description for each pin for better searchability and be sure to add enough pins so the board looks full. If you choose to add your own pins, don’t forget to go back and edit it and add your website to the appropriate section. You will not have to add your website if you pin something directly from your site, it will be added automatically.

optimize dental practice social media pages


Just like the other platforms, add an appropriate profile picture and cover photo. Make sure everything is filled out with your correct address, phone number, and hours, since this is what Google will show in search results. 73%  of consumers lose trust in a brand when online listing information is incorrect, so not taking the time to enter the correct information could really hurt your practice. Choose a custom URL and in your about section tell users about your practice and the services you offer. Last thing to do to optimize your Google+ page is to spread the word and get reviews! Having users review your dental practice using SEO keywords will only have a positive affect on your SEO.

Your dental practice social media pages may be the first interaction potential patients have with your office, so be sure they represent how you want to be seen. If you need help with your dental practice’s social media pages, then you need a dedicated social media marketing company to help you! Get a FREE social media marketing analysis today from our West Palm Beach Social Media Marketing company or feel free to contact us at 561-429-2585! 

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