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Ever wonder how business get to the top of search results? They show Google exactly what it is looking for! You too can get top Google rankings, you just have to give the search engine what it wants.  Google uses several ranking factors to bring websites to the first results page. Keep reading to find out what determines your Google rankings!

6 Factors that Effect Your Google Rankings:

Understand how Google rankings are affected on your page!1) Content: Content is key for top rankings. But not just any content. Content must be useful and provide readers with information that is presented clearly and easy to understand. Make sure that you don’t have duplicate content across different sites. As websites are crawled and indexed, search engines will only keep one of the sites as a search result. So post frequently and in one space, that way all search results lead back to your site.

2) Website Design: The way that clients browse your website plays a big role in Google rankings. Users need to be able to navigate your site easily, just like search engines need to be able to ‘crawl’ your site.  Making sure that your site is responsive on smartphones, tablets and laptops will help you rank higher on search results. The speed is another factor that determines rankings. Make sure that your site loads at a timely speed to keep users on your page. Websites that take too long will direct your customers to other pages that will load faster.

3) Keywords: Knowing what kind of keywords users are looking is an essential part of trying to improve your rankings. Place key words in page title,s description tags, headlines, and sub headlines. This will help both Google and future customers find your website. Just remember not to go overboard. Overstuffing a keyword  will come off as spam and lower your rankings online as well. Use keywords effectively, not excessively, for the best results.

4) Credibility: Making sure that your website provides accurate and dependable information keeps your rankings. Your links, shares and other information should come from reliable sources. You want to make sure that your articles and related content is accurate for others and the credibility of your website.

5) Target Audience: Knowing your target audience can greatly impact your Google rankings. Be aware of your clients’ location and try to gear your information towards their needs. Google rankings take in local factors to brings users content and services that would be located within their area.

6) Social Media Presence: It’s essential for your business to have pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. Being able to manage and maintain a social media presence online can help Google compile information about your business and increase your ranking. Make sure that your company is well represented on all platforms to further help your rankings!

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