Detroit Content Marketing | How Can I Promote My Content on Facebook?

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It can be difficult coming up with creative ways to showcase your content on a Facebook page. However, there are lots of strategies to assist you. With some great posting tips, your Detroit content marketing strategy have your Facebook page shining in no time. Here are just some of the many strategies that will help your business promote your content and brand while stimulating interest in your products or services.

How can can I promote Detroit content marketing on Facebook?

Ways to Improve Your Detroit Content Marketing on Facebook:

Establish Why You are Posting Your Content

Before you start publishing a post on your page, think about what your goals are. Do you want to get more traffic to your website or are you aiming for more likes, shares or comments? This is important to know because based on your business goals and your type of content, you will want to promote accordingly.

Choose a Post Type

There are many types of posts to choose from for your Facebook page. To start though, consider posts that contain pictures, videos, your blogs, and links. Based on your goal, you may choose different types of posts or combinations thereof.

Try varying all of these different types of posts to keep your subscribers interested in what you have to offer. It is suggested that you make a monthly plan and write down on which days you will post what type of content. This will make your Detroit content marketing easier and you will always have creative content.

Also, remember to write your Facebook post like you would talk to a friend. Your followers will feel a better connection to your business and will be more likely interact with your account.

Promote a Recent Blog Post

Your business should have a blog on your website. With this, every time you publish a new blog it should be shared on your social media. Simply share your new blogs as posts on Facebook. Post the link and write a catchy headline that makes people want to read your content.

How can I post my Detroit content marketing on Facebook?

Show Behind the Scenes Videos

Videos from your business are a perfect way to humanize your brand. You can introduce team members, give a quick office tour, or show the process behind making your products or delivering your services. The most important part of videos on Facebook is showing your followers (or potential customers) that there are humans behind your business.

Videos are always a great post for Facebook, as they are shown to have higher engagement rates than any other types of posts.

Share a Fun Fact About Your Business

Another way to humanize your business is to share fun facts about it. Do you have an office dog? Or maybe there is an employee that speaks several languages? Try finding a fun fact that relates to your content in some way. Then, depending on what it is, consider adding pictures or a video. Even if you are promoting a blog in a link post, it is always good to try and make your post multimedia faceted.

Show Products or Services In Use

Nothing is more boring on Facebook than a simple product post. If you want to show your new products, make sure you share a picture or video while the product is in use. This not only shows the practicality of what you offer, but you can also inspire your customers with new ways to enjoy your products.

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