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When it comes to your SEO strategy, there’s no doubt that link building is a key player in improving your Google rankings. This element has proven to be controversial and tricky to master by many marketing professionals. To help break it down, here are some commonly asked questions answered by a Detroit link building company.

What is Link Building?

In essence, link building helps your website or domain earn authority online using links and backlinks to and from your website. Link building is a process where a website link is embedded on another website for viewers to click on. When your site is linked to by other popular websites, the Google algorithm will in turn rank your site higher. In this way, link building properly is a great way to boost your rankings on Google.

Where can I find the best Detroit link building company?

What’s the Difference Between a Bad or Good Link?

In the link building process, you will gain credibility for “good” links and will penalize you for “bad” links. Quality links should be trusted and diverse sources that is relevant to the anchor text and overall article. For example, when writing about a digital marketing trend, linking to a relevant marketing report will add value. On the other hand, a “bad” link is considered to be anything relating to spam, irrelevant or unnatural. To maximize SEO potential, be sure to use links that are relevant to your content, are varied throughout the domain, and not reciprocal on another source.

What’s the Best Anchor Text?

The anchor text essentially holds the link, and open up the linking website page when a user clicks on the text. Although there are many different types of anchor texts, it is essential that the text remain varied and not overused. Try to use fresh, short phrases for anchor texts that vary in keywords.

Where can I find the best Detroit link building company?

How Can a Detroit Link Building Company Help Me?

There’s no doubt that link building can help you improve your rankings on Google. To make sure your SEO strategy is working for you, request a free internet marketing analysis from Digital Resource. With a great Detroit link building company, your business can improve your Google rankings to build your customer base.

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