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Social proof breeds trust. Trust breeds leads. Leads breed conversions. When your customers, clients, and patients post about using your business, your Detroit local SEO company should be maximizing that opportunity. User-generated content speaks volumes about a company. So, here’s what you should know:

What is User-Generated Content?

Your best marketer is your clientele.  Their experiences can make or break whether or not other people utilize your product or service. When your customers, clients, and patients post reviews, pictures, videos, or other forms of content to your social media or about your business, it can be a great part of your internet marketing strategy.

What is a Detroit local SEO company?

How Can I use User-Generated Content in My Digital Marketing?

Facebook and Instagram are breeding ground for user-generated content. People can post written reviews, photos, videos, and blogs to let others know about your product or service. When you are tagged in any post – positive or negative – responding is imperative. You simply can’t undervalue reputation management. Plus, you can ask to use their content on your own feed! So, repost it with credit, use it in a sponsored post, or as a testimonial on your website.

How Can I Encourage Users to Tag My Business?

User-generated content doesn’t appear overnight. You need to establish a relationship with customers before they’ll be willing to tag you in posts. This starts by offering a great product or service. From there, communication is key. Responding to comments, sharing relevant content, and so forth can make your company seem more reliable than others. This needs to happen on an industry expert and human level. From there, you can encourage them to use your company’s hashtag or to tag them in posts!

Will a Detroit local SEO company manage my social media?

Are You Looking for a Detroit Local SEO Company?

Get your business found online by using a knowledgeable and experienced Detroit local SEO company! From web development to social media management, Digital Resource can assist you. So, contact us today to learn more about our services.

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