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What are the best ways to optimize your social media accounts?

How to Optimize Your Social Media Accounts for Business

Facebook is the most popular social media channel for digital marketers producing content Instagram provides the second-highest ROI for marketing efforts Increasing brand…
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What's the best email marketing strategy?

How You Can Increase Email Open Rates for Your Business

15% is the average email open rate The average person takes 3 to 4 seconds to decide whether they will open an email…
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What is reputation management?

How to Manage Your Company’s Online Reputation

34% of people who left reviews in 2019 wrote 2-3 reviews for local business 85% of consumers are willing to leave reviews 60%…
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What is duplicate content?

How Duplicate Content Can Hurt Your Search Rankings

29% of webpages contain duplicate content 65% of search engine users click on one of the top five suggestions in a result page…
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