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What is the state of digital marketing in 2020?

The State of Digital Marketing in 2020

Content marketing is less expensive than paid advertising by 62%, and creates three times as many conversions Voice search is an increasingly growing…
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How do I define my target audience?

How to Define Your Target Audience

Over 70% of marketing strategies miss out on optimizing ads with customer behavioral data 53% of content marketing uses interactive content to generate…
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Should my company be blogging?

Strategies to Get More Traffic To Your Blog

Have you created a new blog? That’s great! But creating the blog is only half the battle. You also need to get traffic…
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What are the best free web design tools?

Top 10+ Digital Web Design Assets (Both Free and Premium) to Help You Work Smarter

When you do simple research for the top web design resources and tools, you’ll be flooded with hundreds of ideas. From one side,…
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