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A recent online study discovered that 18 to 34-year-olds are more likely to ignore online banner/digital ads more than ones on TV, radio, or newspapers. In addition to that, 54 percent of internet users do not click on them because they do not trust them. So how do you advertise your business online in an effective way? Hopefully, this blog will teach you about some essential techniques to get the most out of digital marketing in Palm Beach or anywhere else.


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What You Need to Remember

Use Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great way to showcase your business, improve your SEO, and reach out to customers in a way that isn’t relying on clicks from a banner. Essentially, content marketing uses information about your business and storytelling to increase brand awareness. The point of content marketing is to get people to visit your website and build their trust.

Search Engine Optimization is Key

Also known as SEO, search engine optimization is creating content in order for them to appear in search engines. Sites like Google decide where to place the website when someone searches for certain keywords. It is important to select the right keywords in order to boost your business’ rank.

Social Media Marketing is a Must

Social media marketing is something that is both overlooked and crucial to your digital marketing strategy. Reaching prospective customers on a platform they are familiar with like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram is an easy way to build their trust and showcase your services without the use of banners or advertisements they would otherwise tune out.

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Since the rise of smartphones in 2014, prospective customers accessing information on mobile platforms has skyrocketed. Email open rates have increased by 180 percent and most people access all forms of social media via a mobile platform. It is important to make sure your site is mobile friendly because chances are all the links to your site you have put out on the internet will eventually be accessed by a mobile device.


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Need Help with Digital Marketing in Palm Beach?

There are so many different aspects of digital marketing. It is tough to run a digital marketing campaign and a business at the same time. If you find yourself in need of some assistance, contact us today. Digital Resource is your destination for help with digital marketing in Palm Beach.

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