Digital Marketing Services | 3 Reasons to Have Live Chat

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One of the biggest advancements to come out of digital marketing services recently has been the development of live chat services. Instant live chat with a real person is great for ROI and user-friendliness. Here are three big reasons why you should already be using it.

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Get more new visitors and solid leads.

Having the ability for any customer or visitor to your online store to instantly message a live representative to ask questions is a great way to keep people engaging with your company and attract more leads and first-time customers. Keeping a steady flow of new visitors is key to any online enterprise.



Help customers solve issues efficiently.

Many companies still rely on email to resolve issues with customers, however, this method can be lengthy and frustrating to many. Live chat poses a solution by taking place instantly at any time during business hours in a popup box similar to text messaging on a phone. Customers will appreciate the speedy replies and instant answers.


Building Trust

Establish a sense of credibility.

One of the biggest advantages to a live chat service is the impression of value. Customers will be able to place more trust in an online store when they can still talk to a person like a brick and mortar store. Shoppers will feel more confident in their choices and give your business a sense of credibility.

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