Direct Mail vs Email Marketing | Which Marketing Medium Should My Business Be Using?

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If you want your business to succeed, you need to have a marketing plan. But you shouldn’t adopt just any marketing plan, you need to adopt an effective marketing plan. And this is a lot easier said than done, especially since many marketing methods are extremely outdated. One great example of an outdated marketing method is none other than direct mail. Luckily, as this tactic continues to become more and more outdated due to the increasing popularity of digital media, email marketing is beginning to excel. It’s time that you follow this trend and replace your direct mail campaign with an email marketing one. Why? Keep reading to find out!

should i use direct mail or email marketing?

Why Should I Not Use Direct Mail?

Difficult to Track

The purpose of your marketing strategy is to see the success of your efforts.  You need to positive that the right people are getting the marketing materials and that these materials are working. As a result, one of the major downfalls of direct mail marketing is that it is nearly impossible to track. There’s no way to tell if your target audience got your marketing materials or if they managed to work.

Minimal Response

After putting in the effort to put forth your marketing strategy, your business wants to see a flood of new customers. However, if you use direct mail marketing, you will not get it.  Businesses using direct mail can expect a response rate of a mere 1-3%. As a result, chances are that the cost of producing and distributing your materials will outweigh any minuscule benefit that you see.

which is better direct mail or email marketing

Why Should I Use Email Marketing?


A major problem with most marketing strategies is the inability to choose who sees your content. Your business should not rely on the chances that your target audience will see your ad, you should make sure they see it. With email marketing, your business can send out the content to target people based on lead status, demographics, location, or any other data you collect. Targeting your emails ensures that your audience is receiving content specific to their needs, which will guarantee you a higher conversion rate.


There are very few marketing methods that are as easy to share as email marketing. From subscribing, forwarding, to sharing on social media, the possibilities are endless. Because of this, your business will consistently build value through email marketing.


Analytics are an essential part of any marketing strategy. Unlike other ambiguous marketing methods, email marketing allows you to see precise and valuable metrics. When your business understands your open rates, retention rate,s and click-to-deliver rate you can further optimize your marketing strategy.

In today’s digital world, a strong marketing campaign cannot take a backseat to other business matters. Email marketing is an excellent resource to promote your business and increase your online presence. Avoid any issues that come with creating an unsuccessful email marketing campaign by speaking with a professional team. Contact Digital Resource today to learn more about how our West Palm Beach internet marketers can assist you!

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