Now that your business has a location, website, and social media, what more could you possibly need? Accounts on quality directories! The best way to gain exposure, traffic, and optimize your page rank for local SEO is to build your business’s directory accounts.  By creating directory accounts for your business, you provide more viewers accessibility to your business information. Managing directory accounts is an opportunity to ensure that your business information is accurately updated and consistent with your website.  This consistent information is important because it contributes to your website’s page rank on each search engine.

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5 Types of Directories

  1. Data Aggregators

This type of directory collects business information for search engine purposes.  This kind of directory is a great platform to update your business profile with accurate information.  It allows online searchers to find your business more easily. It is a place to provide backlinks to your website, also. This is crucial to boosting your inbound marketing strategy.  In addition, this kind of directory is a source of consistent information about your business. This level of consistent business information helps to increase your off-site SEO and page rank.

  1. Industry-Specific

Industry-specific directories are great platforms to challenge your closest competitors. Since these directories focus on a specific market, you are more likely to be found by your target audience.  These platforms are a great way to showcase your business as an original leader in your industry.  Flaunt your business’s awesome reviews, prices, and hours on this directory account!  You want to outshine your rivals on this directory platform, right? Maintain an accurate, updated profile with easy-to-find contact information.

  1. Region-Specific

This kind of directory is advantageous to your business because it is location-based. Location-based directories are extremely important for local SEO.  These directories allow your business to be found by people searching for businesses in your area.  Many location-based searches are performed on various mobile devices.  Mobile searches tend to have a great conversion because people are on-the-go while they are looking for your business. For example, searches will be executed as “Coffee shop West Palm Beach,” instead of “Coffee Shop.” If your business is based on a physical location, you need to join these directories!  Because more people are using mobile devices to find local businesses, your business should optimize its accounts with local directories to take advantage of this critical traffic!

  1. Horizontal Directories

There are the all-powerful horizontal directories, like Yelp, of course.  These directories offer profiles for most businesses on the web, from restaurants to mechanics.  Your business needs to maintain an account on these popular directories because most people are familiar with them. Creating a business profile on a horizontal directory will give you exposure, as well as validate your company to unfamiliar, potential customers.

Directory Accounts for Local SEO

  1. Blog

This type of directory can be extremely powerful because it is generally user-created content, which is based on personal experiences with businesses.  Blogs provide a great platform to express the humanistic quality of your business. It is not necessarily as organized as the horizontal directories of great popularity, but they are a great way to get your business exposed in a less formal way.  Blogs can engage viewers much more excitingly than redundant star-reviews, and so forth.

Optimize Your Directory Accounts

Each type of directory has its pros and cons. The most important reason you should join a directory is for the sake of the quality and consistency of your business’s information.  Make sure the directory you choose on which to build an account is reputable and accurate.  Each directory account is an extension of your business’s reputation, so make it count!

Before you begin optimizing your business’s directory accounts, perform a free Directory Listing Scan to view any existing or duplicate listings your business may already have. In case you’re thinking “More accounts, more passwords, ahh!” Don’t worry. Hire professional online marketers to create and manage your directory accounts for you.  Contact our team of marketing experts to learn how you can optimize your business’s directory accounts, or call us at 561-429-2585 today!

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