Every business continues to look for the best way to authenticate their reputation online.  While a superbly designed website is important, it is not enough.  Strategic SEO is necessary to amass traffic and increase sales to your business.  Nonetheless, design and basic SEO are only the beginning. Building and maintaining directory accounts for local SEO is the best way to gain exposure and traffic to your website and business.  Directories provide a powerhouse of SEO for any category that pertains to your business; and SEO leads have a close rate of 14.6%, much more than outbound leads! They also provide an excellent portal for initial searches for any category, directories have great organic search results.  It is therefore advantageous to your business to join a reputable directory that is relevant to your business, such as Yelp! or Trip Advisor.

Do Businesses Really Get Results with Directory Accounts for Local SEO?

If you think most people don’t click on directory pages consider this: 72% of consumers say that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, while 52% say that positive online reviews make them more likely to use a local business. This conversion rate is enough to convince any sensible business to make a directory account for local SEO immediately!  By joining a directory of businesses, you are in direct competition with your peers.  While managing directory accounts for local SEO may seem intimidating, it is the best way to outshine your competitors. Here are the top 4 factors online viewers are comparing among your business and other businesses:

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  1. Reviews

Of course, you want quality reviews on all of your directory accounts for local SEO.  Star-ratings indicate a general quality. Without details or descriptions of customer experiences, star-reviews will not convert potential customers to your business.  A consistent number of quality reviews is the best indicator of a great business.  A quantity of reviews will provide reliability to your business’s reputation.  It also equips your business with a higher average of reviews by previous customers. Remember, everyone is a critic. It is impossible to prevent complaints and bad reviews. That is not important.  People will more likely take a chance on a business that has some reviews before a business that has no reviews.  Reviews allow your business to hear directly from customers, in order to understand what your business is doing better than others, as well as what you may need to improve.

  1. Price

There will always be customers who do not care how great your business is, and they make decisions based solely on cost.  There is almost nothing that can dissuade a potential customer from this course of thinking.  That said, do not fret if your business’s service or product is very expensive. Reviews are the most important factor, bar none, within directories.  That your price is transparent works to your advantage, however.  Because potential customers may see your general cost beforehand, it is a great icebreaker for leads and conversions.  Price is a make or break for many potential customers.  Once cost is transparent, no longer a buffer between your business and the customer, conversion is much more likely, as leads are much more comfortable about the cost of doing business.

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  1. Proximity

Location, Location, Location! This mantra applies to real estate, but it is key to the convenience of doing business. Whether or not you are the best, most relevant business in your category, a potential customer wants convenience! There is not much you can do about your proximity except choose a central location to do business.  You cannot be everywhere at once, but you can be good enough to bring everyone at once.  In other words, your location should generate enough traffic to keep proximity low for your local search results.  If your business has more than one location, you want to make sure each location has a directory account for local SEO purposes with Google.  Google search results will provide potential customers with links to your business’s website, contact information, and directions to your business from each user’s current location.  Wow!  Directories perform much of the footwork for your business in leads and conversions.

  1. Time

When are people searching for your business? Your hours should coincide with peak times for the category of your business. If your niche includes providing a product or service at an extraordinary time, then your business hours may be a selling point for potential customers. No matter what, your business should always update its hours if prone to change. Your business will lose a lot of credibility if it does not uphold the schedule it maintains online.  Customer dissatisfaction about inconsistent hours will begin to appear on your reviews, if you are not careful.  This is the easiest aspect of your directory page to manage, nonetheless, so it should not be a problem for most businesses.

Use Directories for Local SEO

 Build directory accounts for local SEO and connect your business to popular, established directories to drive traffic and increase sales. Is your business listed on the best online directories? Find out how your business profile appears using our free directory tool. Find out how you can scale your business with local SEO tools and strategies by contacting our team of marketing experts online, or at 561-429-2585 today!


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