E-commerce Web Design Agency | Top 3 Effective Display Ad Tips

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Your company’s ads should be a brief preview of your company’s products and services. That’s why you need to take advantage of online display ads that immediately grabs their attention. Keep reading for more information about techniques to use from your e-commerce web design agency!

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Tips for Display Ads:

1. Consider Venue

First things first, you need to make sure that you are using ads that fit social media platforms. Therefore, each platform is not built the same and will not produce your desired results. For example, Instagram ads require a different strategy than let’s say, Facebook.

In fact, Instagram ads have a higher lead generation due to original and artsy posts. On the other hand, Facebook ads are capable of results based on stock images.


2. Tailor Your Audience

In addition, you should always tailor your campaign to each target audience. In particular, reaching a group of millennials is vastly different than trying to appeal to adults over the age of 50. We recommend making slight ad adjustments to attract members of each target audience.


3. Color Palette

Lastly, ensure that you are choosing your ad colors wisely. Ads should immediately stand out to users and differentiate from their regular feed. Therefore, use a color palette that has calming blues and undertones for the background. Then, choose red or green for the CTA color. You will want this color to stand out the most because it gets the user to contact you directly.

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Do You Need an E-commerce Web Design Agency?

All in all, a good ad campaign is determined by how your ad is presented. Remember, the presentation is everything and can make or break your business. Visit us today to learn about our FREE website evaluation!

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