E-Commerce Web Design Agency | 3 Ways to Optimize Forms

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It is essential that you are taking it upon yourself to stay on top of new customer forms. These may seem like a minuscule matter on your website, but this is one of the leading ways companies generate leads. Let’s take a look at the best tips for creating forms for your e-commerce web design agency!

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Tips to Get You Started:

1. Simple Layout

In the first place, make sure that you are using a simple layout in order to optimize new customer forms. In this case, only use a single-column format. Single-column forms include each of the required fields from the customer to submit the form itself. This includes name, email, phone number, and reason for contacting you.

On the other hand, multi-step forms can take up too much time. Users want to be able to complete the form in one step instead of being redirected to another page.


2. Inline Field Validation

Moreover, inline field validation is measured by which the users’ information is missing or incorrect. For instance, if a first and last name is required the form will not submit until both fields have been satisfied.

Typically, it will be depicted as an error message or sometimes change from the colors red to green.


3. Title

Lastly, ensure that the title of the form is clear and front and center. Your visitors want to be able to know what exactly they are signing up for and how they can accomplish it. Keep the information clear, concise and provide a “Submission Successful” heading after it has been completed!


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