Effective Facebook Marketing | How to Use Trending Topics for Business

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You’ve probably seen in the news the new updates that Facebook has made to its Trending Topics algorithm. If you thought it didn’t apply to your business, you may want to think again. It is attainable for a small business to be seen on Trending Topics and gain energy through effective Facebook marketing. Keep reading to learn the steps your business can take to be featured through effective Facebook marketing.

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What Are Facebook Trending Topics?

Trending Topics were introduced to the Facebook community in 2014. The most recent update was in 2017 to eliminate the spreading of false information. Trending Topics shows the most mentioned words and phrases of the moment. This is a great opportunity for brands to get more visibility if they are featured in the top stories of a trending topic. To get to Facebook’s Trending Topics you have to click on the search bar and then the top stories will pop up. Having your business featured on this page could lead to a lot of website traffic for your business. After the update in 2017, the section is dependent upon factors like the number of shares, engagement rates, the number of authoritative links, and regional relevance. The key to ranking in the Facebook Trending Topics news feed is sticking to these standards.

4 Ways to Use Trending Topics

  1. Increase Shares

Firstly, in order for people to even begin sharing your content, you have to make your business content shareable. To make your content shareable your page needs to be public and your content should be quick, informative, viral, and relevant to your business in some way. Most of the time you will need to ask your followers to share your content. Most people don’t remember to share unless they are prompted to. This method has been proven to produce more shares on content.

  1. Improve Page Engagement

Next, Facebook now monitors the engagement received on your page not necessarily just on one post. This means that you can’t just have one post go viral, you constantly need to be putting out valuable content. Adding a call to action within you Facebook posts and blog shares will more effectively engage your followers. This will increase your chances of being featured.

  1. Authority Linking

Thirdly, linking to other reputable sources will increase your standing with Facebook analytics. If your pages are not backed by other pages with authority it will be more difficult to be listed. Implementing link building into your blog and social media strategy will help your business to gain lasting authority with Facebook.

  1. Location Relevancy

Lastly, the content your post to your Facebook page has to be relevant to the area your business is in or is targeting. The content you’re publishing should be relevant to your target audience. You can research trending topics in your area and make your own content around whatever is trending at the time. This will enable your business Facebook posts to gain authority on Facebook and make it to the Trending Topics page.

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How Do I Implement Effective Facebook Marketing?

Paying attention to these four tips will encourage Facebook to view your business as a reliable source and allow you to rank onto Trending Topics. There are many more tips that can help your business become a success online.  Contact Digital Resource today to learn how we can assist your business with effective Facebook marketing!

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