Email Marketing | 3 Challenges in Email Marketing

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Email marketing continues to produce results despite its continued use as a marketing platform over the last decade. While email itself hasn’t changed, the methods and strategies used to make it effective have.

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Getting the message to the destination.

The issue of deliverability has become more difficult to overcome in recent years as it gets harder to maintain accurate information about contacts. The difference between the number of messages sent and the number of messages that arrive in the intended inbox can vary. Paying attention to the disparity between these data points can help you maintain effective advertising efforts.


Tracking ROI

Always know how for your investment takes you.

Because email servers don’t have built-in metrics in the way that Facebook advertising does, it can be harder to keep track o the number of emails that have actually resulted in sales. For this reason, many advertisers turn to other software that can record these statistics.


Getting Subscribers

Make it a point to keep your list full of fresh contacts.

Because the majority of digital advertising s now done over social media platforms, it can be difficult to maintain a sizable list of subscribers to email campaigns. One way advertisers have gotten around this is by using email marketing for coupon distribution. In addition to other campaigns, making a point to gain subscribers is key.


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