Email Marketing | 3 Ways to Improve Reach

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With email marketing being one of the oldest digital marketing tools, it can be difficult to keep your efforts relevant in the new age. Here are a few tips to help you keep your emails fresh and bringing in new leads.


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Make your emails resonate.

Making emails personalized to feature the recipient’s name is a big step to retaining more customers. Studios show that people trust emails more when they are personalized to feel like they were sent by a friend rather than an automated service. Retaining email subscribers can be just as hard as gaining them, as many people use filters for spam, etc.


Track Analytics

Do the math and find the next step.

Many automated email services will have built-in analytics to show you metrics like opening and response rates. By keeping track of how many emails result in a sale and how many emails are being received and opened, you can make adjustments and plan for future ad campaigns. Analytics provide essential insight into the progress of your emails.



Build credibility for your emails.

Make sure that your emails are scheduled to be sent at regular intervals as opposed to random dates and times. This will make your ad campaign seem much more organized and create a sense of perceived value. Ideally, an email campaign should seem exclusive, unlike most marketing emails.

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Email Marketing

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