Email Marketing | 3 Ways to Update Your Emails

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Because email is one of the oldest methods of online advertising, it can be difficult to update your strategy for the current digital age. Here are a few ways you can keep your emails fresh and make them more effective.

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Make your emails hit close to home.

Make your emails more personal. An email coming from an individual as opposed to from an entire company, it will seem more personal and familiar. This will help recipients place more trust in your website and establish a sense of credibility for your business. Trust is incredibly important when it comes to email marketing.



Say exactly what you need to say.

Perhaps the most important part of online advertising is the strategic use of keywords. Placing keywords through your writing will help search engines categorize and rank your pages based on the information. Keywords will also help with targeting specific audiences. Analyze metrics from past keyword campaigns to make a strategy for the future



Retain subscribers with special offers.

Making your email subscription list seem more exclusive is a great way to create perceived value in your email ads. Using coupons, special offers, and event invitations will help retain subscribers and increase your opening rates, as most emails are not opened in the first place. Retaining subscribers is critical to any email campaign.

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Email Marketing

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