Email Marketing in Haverhill | Tips You Should Try for Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

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One of the best ways to reach current customers is through email marketing. Given the rise of smartphones in the past 5-10 years, the average person is way more connected to things like their email. Given the volume of marking emails that people get in a day, it is important to follow these basic tips to ensure your email marketing in Haverhill is what it should be.

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Keep These Things in Mind:

Make Your Subject Title Short and Concise

It can be tempting to get cute with the subject line of the email but resist the urge. You want something that tells the reader what they are about to read but nothing too long. The shorter the subject the better. Only include the necessary information. In fact, leave the reader wanting to know more because they’ll want to click on the email to find out the rest.

Avoid Lengthy Emails

Much like your subject line, the content of the email should only be necessary information. Too long of an email only increases the chances that the person receiving it will glance over it and flag you for spam. If you find yourself including information on a topic not mentioned in your subject line, it’s best to save it for another email altogether.

Stay on Topic

Avoiding lengthy emails and staying on topic go hand in hand. It is very easy to get off topic while typing emails out. You might want to talk about the company or things that are semi-related to the topic you are talking about but don’t. Keep the message on topic and with things that the customer would want to know.


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Online marketing can be both time consuming and intimidating for small business owners. If you need help with email marketing in Haverhill or anywhere in Florida, contact us today. Digital Resource is your resource for everything to do with digital marketing.

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