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With all the new types of marketing out there, many people tend to forget about email marketing. Sure, it was one of the earlier types of online marketing but it is tried and true and still works. While there might be a lot of things on the internet saying that email marketing doesn’t work anymore, not all of it is true. Let’s take a look at some common myths about email marketing in Lake Park and debunk them.

The Bigger the Mailing List the Better

There’s this idea in life that bigger is always better. Rarely is that actually the case. One place where that is not always the case is with email marketing. You could have an email list with thousands of people, but if they aren’t interacting with you or doing what you want them to do with the email then what’s the point. The key is to have valuable people on the list. 5 people that constantly interact with you is better than 100 that ignore your emails completely.

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The More Emails You Send the Better

Many people think that the best way to spread the word about your website is to bombard your email subscribers with emails. In reality, though, that’s the best way to lose subscribers and get marked as spam. Instead of just sending out a bunch of emails, it’s more important to make sure that the emails you are sending have valuable content in them. If people aren’t opening your emails, you might as well not even send them.

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Are You Interested in Email Marketing in Lake Park?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find that balance when it comes to not over sending emails. If you are worried that you’re not seeing the success you want to with your email marketing, it might be time to call in an expert. At Digital Resource, we are an industry leader when it comes to online marketing, including email. Contact us today to learn more.

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