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The most important stage of your email marketing campaign is the measurement stage. You need to make sure you track what worked and what didn’t so you can repeat or change your approach. But, in order to understand what strategy for your email marketing in Miami is working, you need to learn how to read the metrics.

Delivery Rate

Let’s start with the basics. The delivery rate helps define the quality of your list. If the delivery rate is 97%, that means out of your list of 100 people, your email was delivered to 97 people. If your delivery rate is less than 95%, you should review your list and delete people that are not receiving the emails.

How to read email marketing in Miami metrics

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is how many people your email was not delivered to. It represents the percentage of sent emails that could not be delivered. A bounce can either be hard or soft.

A hard bounce occurs when delivery is attempted to an invalid email address.  This can happen when you are manually typing in your emails into your system.  Sometimes someone’s email is “”, but it is entered in as “”. Before you remove the bounced emails, make sure you check your list for typos.

A soft bounce occurs when the email server encountered an issue.  This can be something as simple as an email inbox that has reached capacity. Keep in mind, both hard and soft bounce rates will negatively impact the reputation of your email and will have a damaging effect on the delivery rate.

Open Rate

Your open rate determines how many people opened your email once it was delivered to their inbox. The open rate measures your subject line, pre-header text, and “from” name. Basically, it calculates the effectiveness of what the person could see before they opened their email.

Click Rate

If you have external links within your email (which you should!), the click rate measures the percentage of total recipients who clicked any tracked link within the email. The click rate tracks which campaign links were clicked and how many times they were clicked. It also shows you who clicked and where they clicked.

Unsubscribe Rate

It’s important to keep track of your unsubscribe rate. The unsubscribe rate is the percentage of people who asked to not receive emails from you anymore.  This measures the degree of relevance of your email messages. If your content isn’t relevant to the people on your mailing list, it is likely that they will unsubscribe. This is important because if too many people unsubscribe, you won’t have a list anymore!

What email marketing in Miami bounce rate means

Advanced Email Marketing in Miami Metrics

Next, let’s dive into some advanced email marketing metrics. The “opens per unique” shows which recipients are opening one message more than once. This is important because you can see who is highly interested in your services.

Another advanced metric to be aware of is your evasion rate. The evasion rate shows the number of recipients that opened your email just to opt out. This is important as it is much easier to opt out of emails since iOS added the “unsubscribe” option to the top of emails. Tie this metric to campaign content and send frequency to better understand it.

Additional Email Metrics

There are also some advanced metrics that are unique to individual mail clients. In Constant Contact, you can compare the performance of your campaigns over time to see who is engaging and who is not.  Also, you can see which links received the most clicks in comparison to others.

In some email clients, there is an active list ratio. This shows the percentage of your list that is actively receiving emails.  Check out this list before purging records. In Constant Contact and other email clients, you can also see what device the user was on when they opened your email. This is great for when you are designing your email marketing in Miami campaign.

In short, email marketing in Miami metrics matter! If you’re not tracking and analyzing these important metrics, it is extremely hard to grow your presence online—you won’t know what is working and what is not! Not sure where to get started with email marketing? Leave it to the professionals.  Give Digital Resource a call at 561-429-2585 to begin your email marketing journey.

Jules is an experienced marketing professional from Jupiter, Florida. She has experience in social media marketing, with a unique focus on dental practices. With a Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida, Jules brings professional and creative ideas to the digital marketing field.

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