Email Marketing in North Palm Beach | 10 Convincing Email Marketing Statistics

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Many marketers neglect email marketing when it comes to their internet marketing strategy. However, this is a mistake. Using email to target consumers is still an effective way to attract new customers and increase customer loyalty. Although the email marketing environment has changed in the past years, email is still a relevant channel to communicate your brand. You just have to implement the appropriate strategy and create relevant emails to see results. To help convince you, here are 10 convincing statistics about email marketing in North Palm Beach.

10 Email Marketing Statistics

  1. By 2020, email usage worldwide will reach and go beyond 3 billion users.
  2. Email marketing has a high return on investment. For each dollar spent, an email averages an ROI of $38.
  3. Email interaction is higher than you think. In fact, internet users are twice as likely to subscribe to an email list than interact with your company on Facebook.
  4. 88% of consumers with a smartphone check email on their phones actively throughout the day. This means that your marketing emails need to look clean and sleek on a mobile device.Where can I find the best email marketing in North Palm Beach?
  5. 50% of the time, emails are read out of boredom rather than necessity. This means that your email must be catchy and can entertain the user.
  6. 2% of marketing emails comprised of interactive content in 2017.
  7. In turn, interactive content bumps up the click-to-open rate of an email by 73%.
  8. Studies show that Tuesday is the best day of the week to send an email and results in the highest opening rates compared to other days of the week.
  9. Emails that are around 50 to 124 words have the best response rate.
  10. Additionally, emails with subject lines of three to four words result in the most responses.

Where can I find the best email marketing in North Palm Beach?

Create the Best Campaign for Email Marketing in North Palm Beach

Email marketing can be tricky to master as trends and consumer demand is constantly changing. To create a campaign for email marketing in North Palm Beach, contact Digital Resource. This can allow your business to increase customer retention and it’s customer base.

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