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Despite the rise of social media and the increase of spam flooding your email inbox, email marketing remains incredibly effective. It is still the best way to create new leads and turn them into customers. Let’s take a look at, despite all the new forms of marketing out there, why email marketing in Riviera Beach is still important.

You Own Your List

When it comes to social media, your account can be suspended or deleted at any time without any warning. If your account gets suspended or deleted, your list of followers goes with it. When it comes to email, you own that list no matter what happens. You can control that list in any way you feel fit. Most importantly, nobody can take that list away from you.

What is email marketing in riviera beach?

It’s Still the Preferred Form of Communication

In this day in age, there have never been more ways to communicate. There’s calling, texting, instant messaging, social media, email, etc. Despite what seems like an endless supply of communication channels, email remains incredibly popular. In fact, it is still the preferred method of communication for many people. Over 90% of consumers check their email AT LEAST once a day. That’s by far greater than other channels.

Better Conversion Rates

People who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than those who do not receive email offers. You might be thinking, “sure, but I bet social media is even better”. Well, you would be wrong. The average order value of an email is at least three times higher than that of social media.

Who can help me with email marketing in riviera beach?

Are You Interested in Email Marketing in Riviera Beach?

Email marketing is incredibly valuable, even in this age of social media. If you aren’t taking advantage of email, you are losing out on customers. If you are interested in giving email marketing a try, contact us today at Digital Resource.

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