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Because email marketing has been in use for so long, the strategies we use to make it effective need to be updated for the modern age. By taking the time to avoid these common mistakes, you can improve the reach of your emails and make them a successful marketing tool.

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Make your emails specific.

One of the biggest problems with emails from large companies is the lack of personalization and feeling. By making your emails be addressed to an in an individual by name and from an individual at the company, you can establish a more intimate feel with your emails. This will allow customers to place more trust in your business and establish credibility.


Missing Calls to Action

Tell the reader what to do.

Calls to action can seem overuse and cheesy sometimes, but they really do help people to take action after reading an email they’re interested in. While simple t implement, the call to action can make a huge difference to the interactions with your emails, resulting in more quality leads and eventually, sales.



Keep your image up and running.

Keeping your image consistent across multiple media platforms will help establish a sense of unity and credibility with your brand. Helping customers to retain trust will preserve subscriptions and help increase your second-hand leads. Inconsistent emails can throw people off or make them think you’re from a different company.

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