Email Marketting | How to Easily Improve Your CTR

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It is important that you are taking advantage of the latest tips for your email marketting campaign (Did you mean, “Email Marketing”?). Emails are the most common trend to reach out to your audience. Let’s keep reading so you can learn more about what a high CTR means to you!

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How Do I Increase My Click-Through-Rate?

1. Clearly Defined Goal

As with any campaign, what is your goal? What are you trying to accomplish? Make sure that your goal has realistic expectations that can be measured. Most people use emails to increase a company’s lead generation.

Take it upon yourself to understand what your goals are to maintain this upkeep.


2. Create a Subscription List

For starters, we recommend having a set subscription list before you get started. These should be real people who are interested in your product or services and have signed up to receive emails from you.

Do not try to buy emails, where it makes your company look fruitful to others. Instead, use emails as a benefit to users who want to get first-hand information from your company.


3. Stay Within Requirements

Next, there is an email rule that users must abide by—CAN-SPAM (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing). This is a law in the U.S. that provides penalties to businesses who do not comply since this applies to commercial emails and messages.


4. Modify Your Opt-in Process

The opt-in process is a method that allows users to receive special offers and updates related to your company. You need to make sure that all users have this option as soon as they sign up to receive your emails.

Even if this may seem obvious, this protects the privacy of users over time. If they choose not to opt-in, this is completely fine. It does not hurt your campaign—instead, it shows your audience that you are giving them choices.


5. Critical First 24 Hours

Moreover, it is important that you are introducing users within the first 24 hours of your campaign. Send them a welcome email, so they know that they actually opted into the right email list.

In addition, this is a great way to set your company’s brand expectations for the future!


6. Creative Subject Lines

Always use creative subject lines in order to showcase your creative approach online. For example, “Open for Our TGIFri-Yay Details!”. This shows off your company’s creativity and ability to appeal to your audience.

Keep it less than 50 characters long and pay attention to verbs, so your audience takes action!


7. Streamlined Layout

It is important that you are using a streamlined layout in order to identify your brand apart from the others. Use your own company’s colors, verbiage, and any other aspect that represents what you do. Make it your own and keep it the focus of your content.


8. Relevance is the Game

Particularly, staying relevant means you are taking tending topics and putting your own twist on it. Don’t just follow the trend—be the trend. With email marketing shaping today’s digital landscape, stay relevant for your intended audience.

Every audience you cater to will be different and this is where you will find talking about important topics is important to them. In reality, no one wants to read the content they are not interested in.


9. Hyperlink Images and Text

Always hyperlink images and text throughout your email campaign. It acts as an added bonus to those who are in your email list. Again, the images used should be authentic images of your company or on location about how you are meeting your goals.

Also, make sure that the text links to your website or other pages such as blogs. This will significantly improve your SEO rate as well as your CTR.


10. Social Sharing Buttons

The next order of business is to include social media sharing buttons. These buttons should be toward the end of your email, usually by the email signature. To use these means that you need to set up actual social media pages.

The buttons must be clickable and direct to the correct pages.


11. Dominate Preview Text

Essentially, your email will be looked at by everyone who has subscribed to you. You can actually preview your email text to how users will see it. The preview text is the snippet users get in their inboxes with just a few words that stand out to them. Try to avoid long sentences, because these can cut off. Especially, when users are accessing their email through a mobile device.


12. Optimize for Mobility

Adding on, make sure that your email campaigns are optimized for mobile devices. Did you know that mobile users account for almost half of all email CTR? In order to boost this rate and increase lead generation, mobility is key.


13. Proofread Email

Most importantly, previewing emails are crucial before sending out your final campaigns. This rule should not apply to just the first email; however, it should be a rule of thumb. By previewing each email, you are looking at what the user is seeing as well.

In failing to do so, you could be compromising your overall credibility.


14. Review Performance

Last but not least, always review the performance of each campaign. With each email review, you are allowing yourself to study and edit your progress. Progress is a process and should not be for those who want the quickest results.

By enabling an analytics tool, you can learn what not to do. Take advantage of each prospect so you can focus more on the road to success!


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All in all, it is important that you are taking advantage of the best email marketing services so you can get started. With the benefits of email marketing, you will notice that this is a great medium of your choosing! We are your experts for everything digital! Contact us today to learn about our FREE website evaluation to tie in with your emails!

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