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Facebook is by the far the most popular social media platform with a current user population of over 2.2 billion. As the largest online audience, it also serves as the perfect grounds for digital advertising. When organic means aren’t enough, Facebook ad management can be one of the best means of digital marketing. With that said, here is how to create the perfect Facebook ad campaign.

What is Facebook Ad Management?

The Perfect Facebook Ad Campaign

Establish a Goal

Prior to designing your ad, your Facebook ad management team should have a clear goal. Your goal should be specific and easily measurable. The goal may be to increase engagement on your page, to generate leads, or to sell your specific product. Other ad goals may be focused on highlighting a business’s specific event or promoting a featured post. Undoubtedly, having a goal will help focus your efforts and provide a metric to measure success. Good goals lead to higher success rates.


Ad Type

Your goal will factor in to choosing which specific ad type is most suited to meet your goals. There are many different ad display types to choose from. For instance, if you are trying to draw traffic to your website a Link Click ad with a Learn More button would best suit your needs. Now if you’re highlighting a new clothing line, a carousel ad highlighting multiple items would make the most sense. There are also Like Campaigns which are great ways to build an online following and engage users long-term. Choosing the right ad will optimize your message and increase its potential.



Images will make your ad stand out visually to users perusing their Facebook newsfeed. The visual component is key in catching users’ attention.  The eye is naturally drawn

The basic guidelines to the images you use in your ad. Apart from choosing an ad relevant to your ad, choose. Traditionally in advertisement color, logos, and beautiful, happy people attract viewers visually. This still remains true but within Facebook, funny or strange images, animals and children do very well at capturing attention. When possible, including videos are even better than simple images. A moving image with audio will be the most engaging and most personal.


The Text

Not to be overlooked is the text associated with the ad. Once the image or video attracts the glance of the user, the text must drive things home. The most important note in reference to ad text is to keep things brief. Ads with text making up less than 20% of the content perform much stronger. Placing text over your image can great a more interesting visual. Then the text’s message should clearly and briefly communicate what the visual cannot. Also, be sure to use simple language centered around a single key idea.



Chances are, not everyone is interested in your ad. However, there are definitely individuals who are. Advertisers have been trying to appeal to specific subcultures and niche audiences throughout the digital age. Facebook Ads are one of the most successful ways of micro-targeting. This is due to Facebook’s advanced and highly personal algorithms structured around personal data. That said, Facebook will require you to choose your target demographic. This can be as broad as the users’ sex and specific as to their personal hobbies and interests.

Choosing the right target audience takes research and critical thinking. The Facebook ad management team can focus on the previously successful audience as well as looking at potentially successful new ones.


Call to Action

The clearer the CTA the better your response rate will be. Use active language to persuade users to act on the information provided. Do not leave any questions in the user’s mind about what their next step should be. A great way to assure this is by adding a button. This button feature will redirect them how you want; whether you want them to subscribe, like, or send them to your landing page.


Personal Interest

Targeting is one way to connect with your audience in a personal manner. But successful ads also try to appeal to your audience’s own self-interest. Users are most likely to act when they see value for themselves. For this reason, having an ad with a special promotion like “Buy-one-get-one” or a “75% off” will portray a financial value. Other ways to display value are by highlighting awards, great reviews, or making an appeal to ethics. Other examples of campaigns with strong motivators may include fun involvement tactics like raffles, competitions, or giveaways. To some these may come across as gimmicky, but they drive results and are fun ways to engage online users. Choosing the right way to appeal to users is dependent on your brand and the audience you’re seeking. Facebook ad management teams can assist in choosing the best way to appeal to your audience.

Who is the best Facebook ad management company?


Looking for Facebook Ad Management?

Crafting the perfect Facebook ad is an art and takes practice. Lots of continued testing and tinkering will eventually lead to the results you desire. If you’d like assistance with your Facebook Ads campaign, contact Digital Resource. They’re the experts on all things digital and happy to serve your online Facebook campaigns.

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