Facebook Ad Services | Avoid Making These 5 Ad Mistakes

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Facebook is the leading social media platform on the internet today. It has billions of users and is estimated to have user engagement every 5 seconds. That’s why your business should be targeting ads directly on Facebook. Keep reading for more information about the latest techniques for Facebook ad services!

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Do Not Make These Mistakes:

1. No Clear Goals

In the first place, you must have a clear set of goals for your ads. Do not expect to see results or engagement if you lack a defined goal. Make a goal to increase the number of visitors you have on a monthly basis or the number of online visitors.

As a result, your ads will perform based on the results you are looking for.


2. Wrong Ad Format

In addition, choose the right format that fits your campaign. You should be aware of formats that are discontinued and adjust accordingly. Also, you need to make sure that your ad is capable of full-screen rich media and other in-page launching features. In effect, choose an ad format that achieves successful campaign performance.


3. Non-Optimized Images

Moreover, always make sure that your images are optimized for Facebook. The pixels and image size should fit Facebook guidelines. The pictures should not be blurry and scaled accordingly.


4. Too Much Text

Furthermore, do not include too much text in your ads. The image should immediately grab the attention of your audience and include a short caption of text. Incorporate a CTA in your headline and a brief, description of your campaign. Make the image the star of your ad and the text supplemental.

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Do You Need to Learn About Facebook Ad Services?

Last but not least, Facebook ads will take your business to new heights. It adds visibility to your website and overall company. Contact us today for a FREE website evaluation!

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