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We’re all familiar with the social media giant Facebook, most popularly known for their wide network covering both personal and business connections. But the company has just announced that they are turning a corner by introducing their Facebook Ad Tool. Facebook is now rivaling other advertising companies by expanding their Audience Network. The Audience Network is a tool advertisers can use on Facebook to extend their campaigns beyond their website and into other platforms- such as mobile applications, mobile websites, Instant Articles and videos. We’ve already seen the newly launched “Sponsored Messages” chatbot update that has taken over their messenger application. But what can these new ad updates mean for your business?

Facebook Ad Tool For Businesses

Prior to the Facebook Audience Network announcing the expansion of their audience with the Facebook ad tool- all ads run through the company only reached users with Facebook accounts. Those users had to be logged into their account in order to experience the advertisements- including the mobile application, and any third party sites associated with the social platform such as Aol, ebay, PANDORA and Twitter.

But now, with the company’s extension, advertisements are able to be featured across all sites without the need for a Facebook account. The company just recently announced that their site has hit an all-time high, with over 1.6 billion active users in March- comparatively 3.17 billion people were said to be using the internet globally in 2015. In addition, of all the social media platforms out there, Facebook has the largest user base and time spent on the site as well.

Use the Facebook Ad Tool to help your business' online presence grow!

The Audience Network is currently being run through associated mobile applications, where advertisements that are managed by Facebook can be displayed. The Facebook ad tool uses the same targeting and measurement tools that are applied on the Facebook website, as they are on the mobile space. Using a combination of tracking cookies, Facebook buttons, plugins and other data the company has acquired- they will be able to identify non-users on third-party sites. That way, all featured content on their screen is directly tailored to suit their interests. Simply put, the ads that are featured in the Audience Network are also targeting those users on mobile applications. Extending the advertisers reach to more than one stage.

Facebook Marketing Applications

There are several ways to run an advertisement through the Network that will help you reach your key business objectives. The company offers three unique ways for you to display your campaign- Banner, Interstitial and Native. The Banner format displays the advertisement across the bottom of the screen, which will remain there for the duration of usage on the application. Interstitial is more common, and can also be considered as a “pop-up” of sorts. By using this format, the user is brought to a screen while using an application, and can exit out of it once it has loaded. The last, and most effective way that ads will appear within an application, is through the Native format. This placement allows for advertisements to appear organically throughout the content that you are browsing, and can be clicked on to direct users to your business or the associated link. On average, those who use advertisements run through the Audience Network draw 6-10% more ad impressions per campaign released.

The Facebook Ad Tool is great for expanding your business.

With these three formats, you are able to inspire creativity and draw attention to your company. Using Facebook is an integral way to combine social media with your business, and with these new updates, your presence online can bring your clients to you. Our team of experts can help you start on making Facebook and other digital platforms a part of your internet marketing strategy. Contact our social media marketing agency in West Palm Beach. We can answer all of your social media questions and help your business grow its social media presence online. Call our office at (561) 429-2585 or connect with us online today!


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