Facebook Ad Updates | How It Will Affect Business

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Is your business currently running Facebook Ads? While Facebook Ads are a great way to market your business, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest Facebook Ads updates so you can be sure you’re running the most effective Facebook Ad campaign that you can. But if you haven’t been doing your best keeping up with the continuous additions and changes, you’re in luck! Keep reading to find out the latest Facebook Ad updates and how they could affect your business’s ad campaign!

Facebook Ad Updates

 20% Text Rule

In the past, images in Facebook Ads that contained more than 20% text were rejected. The way Facebook measured how much text the photo contained was using a grid. If you could draw a 5×5 grid over your image, and the text took up 5 boxes then the ad would be rejected. However, now it’s up to you how much text you want your image to contain. Facebook’s new rule rates the image as either OK, Low, Medium, or High. So what’s the catch? If your ad is OK then it will run normally, but if it is rated anything else, your reach will decrease. Only you can decide if it’s worth it. If you begin using ads with high text images and are seeing great results, keep doing it. Only experimenting and testing different things can provide you with the information you need to best run your campaign.

Facebook Ad Updates can change the way you market your business

Daily Budget Change

The daily budget change on Facebook Ads was put in place only to better help advertisers spend their budgets the most efficiently. Facebook is allowing themselves a 25% flexibility on your daily budget in order to get your ads the best results. This means that on some days, your daily spend may be more than your daily budget. Why? Because on some days there is a better opportunity to get you the results you want, so Facebook may spend up to 25% over your daily budget. However, Facebook will never go over your daily budget for a given calendar week. For example, if you’re daily budget is $10, and one day Facebook spends $11 then on another day where there is less opportunity they will spend less. So your total for the calendar week would never go over $70. For businesses, this update means a more effect and efficient way to spend their advertising budget for optimal results.

Staying current with Facebook Ad Updates can help you better advertise your business online

Website Custom Audience Feature

Just when we thought Facebook Ad targeting couldn’t get any more advanced, it did. With this Facebook Ad update, you are able to create a custom audience of website visitors so you can directly target people who have been on your site. The website custom audience tool allows you to target website visitors based on 4 different factors: date, frequency, aggregated value, and devices. The date feature targets visitors who have expressed interest in a certain service within a specific date range or on a specific date. The frequency feature considers how many times a visitor has completed an action on your site or visited your webpage. The aggregated value shows exactly how much time a visitor has spent on your website, including what individual pages they have spent that time on. Lastly, devices allow you to view where your visitors are visiting your webpage from (mobile, desktop, etc.). This feature can be a huge advantage for your business to constantly reach people who have been interested in your site at one point or another.

Facebook Ad updates are continuously changing the ways businesses can market their business through Facebook. With these new updates, your ads will be better optimized to get the results you’re looking for. If you want to start running Facebook ads for your business or need help running current ads, our team of social media experts can help! Connect with our West Palm Beach Social Media Marketing Company online or give us a call at 561-429-2585! We are always up to date on the latest Facebook Ad updates and best social media marketing trends and strategies! Contact us today so we can begin to grow your business through the internet!

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