Facebook Ads in Fort Lauderdale | How Your Business Can Boost Its Ratings

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Recently, over 1 billion users have active accounts on Facebook, which means Facebook Ads in Fort Lauderdale is a great way to reach local customers. Advertising on Facebook is specified regarding where or what businesses market towards any target audiences that relate to their industry.

With such a large daily user base, around 1/7th of the world see Facebook Ads. This can help small to medium-sized businesses maximize their awareness. The Facebook Business Page owner also can budget what to spend on their ads.

Your business could boost drastically in ratings if time and the right amount of money spent when incorporating Facebook Ads in a company’s marketing objectives.


can I use facebook ads in Fort Lauderdale and how much does it cost?

 Are Google Ads and Facebook Ads in Fort Lauderdale The Same?

It’s similar to Google Ads in the same respect that valuable insights are generated from boosted marketing campaigns.

Google Ads are beneficial, but for purposes of raising awareness for your business locally, Facebook ads are the best alternative. With a 61% year over year growth in global mobile users, Facebook ads are seen by diverse audiences depending on the campaigns.

If a Facebook post is boosted locally around Las Olas Boulevard, targeted towards specific demographics with vibrant photo content, the returns will result in new page likes, engagement, and awareness.

Facebook offers the best targeting options for online ads. A business can target users by specific interest, age, location, gender, relationship status, workplace and much more. Therefore, Facebook Ads give the opportunity to control who will see your business, providing, even more, power in your marketing efforts.

The Goal: Build Your Audience

The type of Facebook Ads a business decides to create can differ depending on the overall goals of the company. If the goal is to grow a bigger audience or drive engagement to individual posts, you can choose which form of campaign you want results from Facebook to deliver.

Facebook Mobile Ads also have a click-through rate of 14 times higher than desktop ads. If your business boosts Facebook Ads in Fort Lauderdale, audiences will see this on their phone when in the proximity. Audiences will like the post, page or learn more about your business. Gaining this valuable audience is necessary when utilizing Facebook Ads.

how do I connect Facebook ads in Fort Lauderdale to my business page?

Opportunity For Growth

As the world’s most extensive social network with 845 million monthly active users, Facebook Ads can reach over 51% of all internet users. As a small local business, Facebook Ads would be a great way to grow your brand awareness in the community.

You can actively gauge what is working for your business using the analytics that Facebook provides from their ads. This marketing tool improves the way to directly reach a particular audience. It’s also what every other relevant company is doing to help their ratings, so what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to find your perfect audience using Facebook Ads? Let Digital Resource assist you with speaking to your future customers. Contact Digital Resource today to find out the tools needed for your business and see your Facebook Ads in Fort Lauderdale succeed!

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