Facebook Ads in Haverhill | Creating an Effective Video Ad

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Video is a critical component of building a business’s online presence. And, you can run video Facebook ads in Haverhill. But, you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of all that effort to put a video together. Here are a few tips to create an effective video ad:

Interrupt Patterns

In order to stand out on Facebook, you need to get the attention of viewers who are consuming a near-endless stream of media throughout the day. For starters, the first three to five seconds of your video should be an attention-grabber. That means flashing graphics, quick jump cuts, interesting footage, and so forth. However, your caption should also include attention-grabbers. A big block of text is nothing new. Break it up into short paragraphs, add emojis, toss in your contact information and a call-to-action. This’ll create a pattern interrupt.

How can my business use Facebook ads in Haverhill?

Maximize the Space

Going forward with interrupting patterns, you want to make sure you’re taking as much feed real estate as possible. The bigger your content is, the more likely it’s going to catch someone’s attention and encourage them to interact. So, you should be uploading square and vertical video as often as possible. Vertical video is taller and can come off as more casual and personal. Square video takes up the most space and can still offer great quality.

Why does my business need Facebook ads in Haverhill?

Optimize the Content

There are extra steps you can take to optimize your content before you even start uploading and targeting. Facebook has video auto-play without sound. And, the reality is that most viewers do not listen with sound. So, a transcription and uploading captions can be beneficial for your viewers. Plus, if you upload an .SRT file (closed captions), internet crawlers can scan this document for keywords and phrases. You should also consider optimization when writing a caption.

Is Your Business Looking to Run Facebook Ads in Haverhill?

There are over two billion active users on Facebook. So, there’s a lot of potential for your company to generate new leads. So, if you’re ready to run Facebook ads in Haverhill, contact us at Digital Resource to learn more.

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