Facebook Ads in Juno Beach | Which Format Should I Use?

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Your business can be taken to the next level with Facebook ad exposure. We want you to feel inspired about getting the best ads to take your business to great lengths. Let’s read more about Facebook ads in Juno Beach below!

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Types of Formats:

Photo Ads

Foremost, a beautifully crafted picture increases business awareness. This is a simple, ready-to-go format that can grab attention. You should also get involved with engaging copy to get people to click on your ad. Also, you can create a photo ad in minutes with the ability to boost previous posts with a photo ad.


Video Ads

In addition, video ads grab people’s attention in as little as 5 seconds. These videos can remind people of your brand and showcase new products. If you are in need of longer videos, try to put your ads in mid-roll video ads. A new feature, the Audience network, expands your audience reach.

Plus, video ads help target a tough demographic—young millennial adults aged 18- 24. This is great especially if you are looking to get more sales and client generation.


Carousel Ads

Last but not least, you can combine 10 images and/or videos. In this sense, you can get more creative and show more of the services that you offer. It gets people more interactive with your ads and enjoyable for them to use. Sometimes, you can explain a step-by-step process of how your business works.


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Are You in Need of Facebook Ads in Juno Beach?

We know that growing your business is important for the future. Using Facebook is a great tool to get worldwide and local exposure for your business. Contact us today to get more information. We are your experts for everything digital!

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